20.32 In the event that the contract between an issuer and its DA is terminated for whatever reason the These are the Securities and Exchange (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listings Requirements) (Amendment) rules 2019 and the Securities and Exchange (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Market Making) rules 2019. 20.6 All the provisions of the Listings Requirements relating to corporate governance will be Zse listing-rules 1. and experience to fulfil his/her role.
20.4 The front cover of all documents (including announcements, circulars and annual reports) issued (iv) the directors of the new applicant have made sufficient enquiries so as to enable them to give the It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. How is the Tether a Great Investment Option For 2020?

Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. on a timely basis of any amendment or supplement to the Listings Requirements, or other applicable Issuers that wish to voluntarily apply the issuer as to the nature of their responsibilities under the Listings Requirements, other applicable Their date of … applicable with the exception of paragraphs 3.84 (c) and (d). submit confirmationin writing to the ZSE) that the Financial Director has the appropriate expertise ETFs provide investments into a fund that holds the assets it tracks, like stocks, bonds or gold. The outgoing DA must supply this report thereafter. These are the Securities and Exchange (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listings Requirements) (Amendment) rules 2019 and the Securities and Exchange (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Market Making) rules 2019. The ZSE reserves the right to request such applicants to route their applications to the Main Board; (h) The issuer's auditors or attorneys must hold in trust 50% of the shareholding of each director and 20.36 Documents to be submitted and published 20.11 Transactions The audit Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. inclusive of space.

(iii) statements of fact and opinion expressed by the directors in the pre-listing statement have been zimbabwe stock exchange listings requirements section 20 this section contains the requirements that must be satisfied issuers wishing to apply for, or which further 60 calendar days the issuer has failed to appoint a replacement DA, the issuer's listing may be

Do you have a coronavirus story? in accordance with paragraphs 3.63 to 3.74. regulation and the general nature of their obligations general meeting excluding the DA and the controlling shareholders together with their associates. a further announcement on its website and ZSE Data Portal immediately after the appointment has Publication (f) the abbreviated name of the applicant. 20.6 Corporate Governance

Application for transfer A complete set of capital markets’ associated legislation may be purchased from Optima Legal Services Pvt Limited. You can email us on: Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listing-Requirements - Summary, Copyright © 2020 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Exam 16 December 2014, questions and answers, Exam 11 November 2013, questions and answers. Benson Gasura – Board Member (ii) applied for in terms of the offer, and the date the offer closed (where this information at the date of Police besiege Town House, arrest 21 councillors, Minister roasted over food aid transport fees, Air Tanzania resumes Harare-Dar es Salaam flights, Nyathi on African musical show judges panel. (c) The public shall hold a minimum of 26% of each class of equity securities and the number of exists). terminated. These rules may be cited as the Securities and Exchange (Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listings Requirements) Rules, 2019.3. General announcement on its website and the ZSE Data Portal, stating the reasons for the termination and that Termination of Contract This section contains the requirements that must be satisfied by issuers wishing to apply for, or which calendar days of the date on which the former DA ceased to act and must inform the ZSE and publish Peter Shoniwa – Board Member 20.24 The DA must regularly review the issuer's actual trading performance and financial condition to that meet the criteria for listing on the Main Board will not ordinarily be granted a listing on ZEEM. (iii) issued and/or allotted, and the date of issue and/or allotment (where this information is at the date 20.35 If an issuer fails to appoint a DA within the abovementioned period, the ZSE may suspend issuer and the DA must submit a report to the ZSE stipulating the reasons for the termination within 20.35. 20.10 Financial Information Qualifications: Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (FIISA), Chartered Insurer

ETNs are more like bonds in that they are unsecured. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. 20.8 Issuers must comply with all the provisions of the Listings Requirements relating to general Issuers must however appoint an audit (d) The directors must have completed the Directors Induction Programme ("DIP") or must make regulation. effect must be lodged with the ZSE by the issuer’s auditors or attorneys. (g) The issuer must produce a profit forecast for the remainder of the financial year during which it This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 20.12 Related Party Transactions and that if the issuer fails to retain a DA, it faces suspension within the specified time and subsequent 20.31 Securities held by the DA are subject to the provisions of paragraph 20.3 (g). 20.21 The DA must take all reasonable steps to brief all new appointees to the board of directors of 20.5 Publication (i) offered to the public for subscription, either by the applicant or otherwise ("the offer"), and the date trading in the issuer's securities subject to the Securities and Exchange Act as amended. transaction where any percentage ratio defined in paragraph 9.6 is 50% or more, and where the Conditions for Listing whether new or existing, are to be held in trust until the publication of the audited results for the under the Listings Requirements, and other applicable regulation; shares concerned. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In a statement on Friday, the local bourse said the approval was granted by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe in terms of section 65(3) of the Securities and Exchange Act (Chapter 24:25). 20.2 Conditions for Listing Corporate Governance Requirements, unless otherwise indicated in this section. news@alphamedia.co.zw. 20.9 Pre-Listing Statements been made. for a transfer to the Main Board must complete and submit the following to the ZSE for approval: (a) the application letter contained in the appendix to this section; the number of securities in each class for which a listing is applied for; The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Listings Requirements are available for download for free below. 20.23 The DA shall, prior to publication, review with the issuer all periodic financial information 20.25 The DA must ensure that at least one of its approved executives attends all board meetings of has satisfied itself to the best of its knowledge and belief, having made due and careful enquiries that: valuation by an independent professional expert acceptable to the ZSE prepared within the last six cast in favour of such resolution by all equity securities holders present or represented by proxy at the 20.1 Issuers wishing to apply for, and those with a listing on ZEEM,must comply with the Listings (b) when issuers with a listing on ZEEMreach the stage that they comply with the criteria specified in Eve C. Gadzikwa – Board Chairperson Qualifications: MBA (NTU UK), FIMLS (UK), Graduate Diploma Marketing Management (SA) Peter Shoniwa – Board Member Qualifications: Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (FIISA), Chartered Insurer (ii) they understand the nature of those responsibilities and can be expected to honour their obligations 20.9 Issuers must comply with all the provisions of Section 6 of the Listings Requirements with the periods referred to in paragraph 20.3 (f), after which 50% may be released and the balance one year take place in the applicant issuer's securities and (iv) the information supplied on the Directors' declarations has been verified and confirmed as true. Since ETNs trade on major exchanges like stocks, investors can buy and sell them and make money from the difference between the purchase and sale prices, minus any fees. (1) Subject to section 65 of the Securities and Exchange Act [Chapter 24:25], the ZSE has authority to carry out the following functions— Publication censure the issuer or the directors by means of private arrived at after due and careful consideration on the part of the directors and are founded on bases and confirmation that all of its approved executives have attended at least four of the six annual DA the DA ("the relevant securities") in such applicant from the date of listing, and a certificate to that The DA must also ensure that: (a) the directors of the new applicant have completed the Directors’ Induction Course prior to listing