Thank you indeed. In Turkey, the serial has also been at the center of controversy because members of the secular media have tried to ignore and belittle the series. I can clearly see that technical value of the drama is much better and that why it is popular world wide. This and rivallary and greed among all rich people/rulers, it was easy to win battles against those by turks because they were all disconnected, they mostly hated each-other and not united, until turks stepped on the borders of Vienna it continued! He was a brave and renown warrior, a goodhearted and loving man, devoted to his brother, his tribe, and  his family. Although, they managed to escape later. So, you may pursue your... Turkish televisions welcomed a new TV series & drama on August 25. When was Halima Sultan die? Engin Altan Düzyatan considered to be one of the best looking actors of Turkey and he also has good acting skills. I Loved it!after watching i feel 20 years younger,i hv been watching movies from Hollywood to Bollywood and to date am in awe………….10/10.if Halime Sultan in real life is not married,I WILL U MARRY ANYDAY! They acted like real in history.

Ameen, It’s a great production.I was gripped by the action,the story and the awesome acting of the actors. Do NOT rely on amateurs. I marvel at the parallels between the behavior of historical (and non-historical) persons portrayed in the show, and modern present-day figures. I generally stay away from TV series, but this was one that was worthy of watching, and I’m quite certain that I’ve never watched a TV program with so many episodes! Ertuğrul or Ertuğrul Gazi (Ottoman Turkish: ارطغرل ‎, romanized: Erṭoġrıl, died c. 1280) was the father of Osman I. And all the others…. – One thing in western history books, Turks are portrayed barbarians, killers etc, but if one use his common sense, how did an empire (ottoman), lived/occupied foreign lands for ~600 years, and once left all the local buildings, languages, religions, cultures kept in tact? I could not stop watching. I am dreaming that someday when I visit Istanbul I would get a chance to see you. Thank you for sharing Ertugrul history.

Turgut, Etugrul, Ares, any of them, would be a terrific romantic lead in anything Hollywood might want to do. Ertugrul was the father of Osman I, founder of Ottoman Empire which lasted 600 years and flourished and shined in the world as a great civilization. The actors are icing on a cake. Really good series!!!! The leading character embodies all of the qualities of the perfect epic hero. Thank you everyone for this great work!!!! I have heard that Ertugrul Ghazi serial is very popular in Pakistan. Banned and exiled prince of the Seljuk Empire. Would anyone know if Season 5 brings the curtain down in these series ? Beylar, if you want read history of Kayi tribe Go there, Calm down cupcake, nobody is using this tv serial to formulate their knowledge of Islam.

So there is some truth in series along with some exaggeration, as is common in any proud cultures. If you’re so concerned and feel you know so much, why not write a book? This article was originally published on 15 October, 2019. The sword fights, ambushes, etc! Me and my wife really enjoy the series.
Evil continues to perpetuates itself and good folks everywhere will always be in need an Ertugrul to stand up to the Saddetin Kopeks and Noyans of the world. However, this show has a special place in my heart and I still miss the story and characters way too much. Great man and I truly learned a lot-God Bless. But even with the accuracy improvements of subsequent seasons, still only “know” what Bey, Hatun and Inshallah mean. Tughril was a Mamluk of az-Zahir Gazi and the effective ruler of Aleppo for the next fifteen years. Brilliant. Great history. Seeing it in urdu was a real joy. It shows the country in a very beautiful way. please be positive. Marya's intention is to shed light on the dark side of the eating disordered personality and the personal, family and cultural causes, underlying eating disorders. Agree with Susan Hazell totally. inspiring! I would love to visit the country! His love life was legendary, since his heart was divided between two loves. But will Ilbilge Hatun and Ertuğrul Gazi marry? [3][8] According to this legend, after the death of his father, Ertuğrul and his followers entered the service of the Sultanate of Rum, for which he was rewarded with dominion over the town of Söğüt on the frontier with the Byzantine Empire. ALL of the actors were wonderful, and of course, Ertugrul was my favorite.

Better then all the other rubbish on TV. Despite this Engin considers it a great privilege to play Ertugrul as he was the first person in Turkish history to move away from the nomadic lifestyle and look to establish a state that went onto last 600 years. I’m not to lazy to start researching . I watched all episodes of Resurrection Ertugrul. Very educational history. Ertugrul is the perfect antidote to this. The screen play and acting is first rate. The women often act as Beys or chieftains in place of their husbands and brothers as required, they fight with swords or daggers and won't quietly marry any man chosen for them to please anyone even if it’s a sultan. [6]:37[21], The Ottoman frigate Ertuğrul, launched in 1863, was named after him. Pakistan has talent and resources and it will be great that next big show of same caliber like Dirlis Ertugrul is produced in Pakistan and is telecast throughout the world, on Netflix, and other major channels.

We have been watching this series on Netflix after all our friends and family recommended, seriously I’m addicted to Ertugrul I watch about 10 episodes a day love the quaranic verses and the good character of the believers. Yea! maybe the QURAAN might help. How many wife of Ertugrul Gazi’s? Loyal war friend of Ertuğrul and best friends with Turgut Alp and Bamsi Beyrek. Everyone’s accounts of history will sound different/true to their followers… One thing is for sure, religion is not the evil, it is the humans’ selfish desires, like power/richness/control…. Olá, gostei muito da síntese, parabéns.
Soqman ibn Artuk become famous and a true honour to the late Artuk Bey. It's a very good serial. They are insolent because they idealize a Muslim historical figure, depicted as a Muslim hero?? Through her marriage to Ertugrul Bey, Seljuk Turks and Oguz Turks, two greatest Turkish branches were irrevocably united by blood ties. This series totally captivated me. I was in Turkey recently and I was amazed of how much beauty and how much history this country has, I been a fan of evil eye accessories but Turkey is more than that. This is about the weakness of the Turks in the face of unbelieving Mongols. I have seen in the Google that he had only 1 wife ... Ertugrul married once and he hasn't any second wife but esra beligic (halime sultan) had to leave the show for some personal reasons so they have to replace it and they choose a shit of iblige when I saw ertugrul marry again it was a very painfull scene and history doesn't tell the same the real ertugrul married only once wiyh halime sultan, Series becomes boring when ertugrul remarks. I don’t know if the events were properly chroiclized or not I don’t know if all the characters were real or not but that is not going to stop me from enjoying it. I could not bring myself to watch season 5 episode 88 after learning Ertugrul got married to her which was not apart of the history. If today’s Muslims are even close to the ones displayed in this series, they are getting a bad rap today. Best show ever. Excellent character choices in series, superb cinematography and awesome dialogue and outfits. Btw just a bit of confusion in the tv show Artuk bey is right hand of ertugrul as shown he is alive with him. It will be a disaster in their love story .... as Ertugrul says he closed his heart after death of Halima and is waiting for his reunion with her in heaven. So my Pakistanis have finally found their TRUE identity. My beloved friend Begum, clean heart Büşra'm, Hazal, Aydın, Halil, Ömer '. Commander of Knights Templar. These Muslims were so steadfast nothing could deter them. I am very grateful to you for seeing me like your family and your home from the very beginning to this day, because you love me and own it. but now that you done such a wonderful job of dipicting History. Sugay Hatun, the son of Ertuğrul, will be the milk mother of Osman. His mother was Dayfa Khatun(r), the daughter of Salahuddin’s brother al-Adil(r). Also here is the best part, you can watch on Facebook, search for ertugrul online…. Want to learn about Islam religion ask around to the proper people. A truly great series, Very well put together. No matter what, no matter how long it takes, people learn in the end… sometimes it is too late for some people unfortunately! The blacksmith of the tribe. Yes, this is highly recommendable for everyone.