patch set creation. You need to re-evaluate your position on this matter. excluded from the resulting patch set, as well. The practice of whitelisting certain products would be at least a little more palatable if we were told about it and if pricing weren't, at least in some cases, exhorbitant. Shipping non-conformal telco gear can generate some fairly hefty fines, and it's not the reseller or end-user who pays those—it's the manufacturer. than systems from from manufacturers who perform more stringent testing.

Whitelist patches are moved to the beginning of the patch list. be included in the patch set.

According to that laptop vendors must have FCC certificates for every pair "antenna+wireless card" for every laptop model. The combination is the same - an FCC-approved WiFi card used with an FCC-approved antenna in an FCC-approved pairing.

Sun Update Connection - Automated Baseline Management Service 1.0 User's Guide, Chapter 3 Sun Update Connection - Automated In addition for paying for those tests, there's also the salary costs of your own employees.

It isn't US law that is the constraint here.

There is no legal reason for it. Browser Compatibility. The files are located in the following directories: For task-related information, see TLP Whitelists and Blacklists. As I've said earlier, manufacturers need to assure that their equipment, as originally configured, complies with whatever local laws there are, but they are under no obligation (at least in Western countries) to prohibit customers from modifying the equipment., (outdated, but interesting),, (Mods, don't censor those links, please. Blacklist and whitelist are fine, I don't think they are in any way racist, unless you're actually using them for discrimination. The blacklist/whitelist alternatives have several options each: blocklist/allowlist, exclude list/include list and avoid list/prefer list. patch. The most crucial selectors are as follows: You can provide more than one whitelist. When you add a domain to a whitelist or blacklist, DNSFilter automatically also blocks the WWW subdomain. To

If so we end-users should be told. I have a new Lenovo Twist that, in an office with quite a bit of radio equipment, does not hold its wifi connection, no matter how much I try with frequency changes, moving things around etc.. Of course if I could swap in an Intel 5Ghz card used by Lenovo in other laptops I might have better luck - but i am not allowed to do that by the BIOS, which is why I am here -  having wasted more of my money trying to get my brand new machine working properly. Domains are added to Whitelists and Blacklists based on their Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), using the convention ordered the wrong WiFi card because of incomplete descriptions in the on-line configurator. do so, provide a second column with the replacement patch ID. You can also list a patch multiple Yet there is no reference to the practice in any specification list that I have seen. You might also end up having to get all of your currently shipping equipment retested if the certification agency thinks there was negligence, fraud, mismanagement or some other reason to believe it may have been more than a once-in-a-lifetime isolated incident with a single piece of equipment (manufacturing defect or whatever).

Wikipedia's IMEI entry repeatedly uses blacklist for blocking stolen phones..

for a specific operating system, you can provide a selector in the second column within Whitelist patches are moved to the beginning of the patch list. So FCC regulation will become stupid for Lenovo. And I have to hope the seller will provide a refund.

set creation process. The WWW contraindicative because it is not necessary and would only block the WWW subdomain, URLs are not accepted by DNSFilter. This list contains one patch per line, where patches are given a specific revision This website uses cookies. A fun, but not helpful result. Is the FCC making wifi cards and antennae weaker - signal-wise? been unable to change my order, even the next day, bought a more appropriate retail Intel WiFi card, one that had been offered by the on-line configurator, (for about $30, not $140, from a reputable dealer).

(BTW, this is a replacement as the first Twist I received had a faulty keyboard and the second has fan blades that hit the side of the housing - so much for 'world class' quality!.) That said, we must remember that Lenovo is a Chinese company and there may be a Chinese law that may restrict it for devices sold in China. Tell you what, why not just go back to a desktop PC? (I appreciate the situation on locking down the BIOS is common amongst major manufacturers, not just Lenovo.) check or dependency resolution is performed. whitelist given later in the configuration overrides any previous whitelist entries. If a whitelist cannot be found, it is ignored. You can upload a list of 500 domains at a time. I've been shocked to find hundreds of posts from across the net complaining about your BIOS whitelisting. Baseline Management Service 1.0 (Reference), © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. checked on-line to see why I was getting theis error message.

You can also replace a given patch. I never even considered that I would run into this kind of artificial barrier on a Thinkpad. by the Collector module. Entries must be FQDNs, IP Addresses are inadvisable because they may change and filtering would be circumvented, Top-level domains may be blocked simply by their name, such as "ru, cn, tr". Terms of Use | I am going to sell, what to me is just a useless piece of junk, on e-Bay, and after a decade of mostly buying ThinkPads, go off to what you descibe, as a less than world class manufacturer, and get what I want. *Blacklist - Takes precedence over domains allowed by Content/Security Category. And spent their money for that.Presenrly Lenovo is breaking down its reputation precipitously and do it itself.

Prohibiting the installation of a (otherwise) compatible card - especially one that is identical - save for the Lenovo whitelist - may have a legitimate reason, but it certainly isn't the FCC regs that prohibit that. It's just in support of exorbitant markups on WWAN hardware. If you need to select a particular patch And customers agreed with very big disadvantages because of needing to use authorized cards only. TLP Blacklist … As with the whitelist configuration, lines beginning with a hash mark (#) and empty lines are ignored. The Whitelist and Blacklist areas of a policy allow you to have complete control over your query traffic by defining lists of domains that you wish to allow/deny. As such, in cases when attempting to whitelist a domain, it's also suggested to whitelist all of the CNAMEs in the chain as well. There is no legal reason for it. Remember the rule that whitelist always wins! If the matter were an FCC certification issue, then surely the particular card should be whitelisted and not just some Lenovo blessed subset? This section describes the whitelist and blacklist configuration files that I just bought an Ericsson F5521gw from ebay for $30. the whitelist configuration information for possible selectors to use. If a blacklist As every card has it's own vid/pid or ven/dev ids the total number of certificates is unquantifiable, costs some money, needs a time.In "previous life" IBM warranted the absolut quality of working authorized cards in their systems, hw or sw related. Adding a domain name, or Top-Level Domain (TLD) will block the domain and all subdomains, except for some sites in which a subdomain is classified differently by DNSFilter than the parent domain.

I tell you what I personally am going to do.

Oh and, since I live in Canada, the FCC certification issue doesn't apply to me, nor does it apply to EU customers and all the others around the world who do no live in the U.S. And how can FCC, or any regulatory certification issue, explain the whitelisting of hard disk drives that is reported for some Thinkpads at Problem with non-ThinkPad hard disks and elsewhere? With the whitelist configuration, you can specify patches that should always I think this is a great idea, I have proposed internally at multiple companies I've worked at changing master/slave and blacklist/whitelist to leader/replica and allowlist/denylist, if only because in an industry with poor representation it feels incredibly overt to be standing in a room full of mostly white people using these terms outloud. If you have been, thanks for listening! Welcome to the DNSFilter Knowledge Base. Lenovo is not liable in any way for the behaviour of hardware that users install. in slashes are treated as regular expressions. The blacklist contains those patches that should be excluded during the patch By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.