Not surprisingly, many outlaws at that time went into hiding to avoid unjust accusations. There are also tales that suggest that werewolves could be spotted in their human form by their uncontrollable rage. Their patron animal was the wolf and it was said that the greatest of the Ulfheonar could actually transform into wolves during battle. Nun | Werewolves can be avoided by climbing an ash tree or running into a field of rye. 1555 – Olaus Magnus records strange behavior of Baltic werewolves. La Cegua | Termagant | Lucius Tiberius | Raven Mocker |

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The Neuri were a tribe that lived north of the Tyres. This also gives rise to the legend of vampires can turn into animals such as wolves, cats, or owls and (rarely) bats. Ropen | Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Pricolici (same form in plural) is a werewolf also and a vampire in Romanian folklore. Black Volga | Paris | A depiction of a werewolf from a German woodcut in 1722 A.D. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Some Romanian folklore delineates that Pricolici are werewolves in life and after they die, return as vampires.

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There are some that think werewolf transformation tales could have arose from the spread of rabies. Meg of Meldon | Porphyria is a condition that makes its sufferers extremely sensitive to sunlight and is characterized by reddish teeth, anxiety, seizures, and psychosis. Fossa | Atë | Others disagree with this analysis. Hostile Species Phaedra | Many historians believe this was a way to explain the violent and cannibalistic impulses of predatory serial killers in the Middle Ages. Cropsy | While mainly a plot device for fiction, there was a time when werewolves were very much believed to be real. Thiess claimed that he was transformed into a werewolf through the power of God and he, along with several other werewolves, descended into Hell three times a year to fight Satan’s demons. This is perhaps influenced by the Ulfheonar – a Norse cult that worshiped the wolf and made it their ultimate goal in life to shapeshift into a wolf. Moloch |

Hairy-Armed Woman | Morgan le Fay | Mephistopheles | Lycaon | Medusa | Satan | Fomorians (Balor, Bres) | The word ‘werewolf’ literally translates to man-wolf (‘were’ meaning man). Many believe that the legend of the werewolf may have come to fruition as early as 1800 BCE in “The Epic of Gilgamesh.” In the poem, Gilgamesh rejects a potential lover. Minotaur | In both of these cases, the werewolf would need to find their clothing again to transform back into a human. in modern pop-culture, vampires and werewolves are often depicted as mortal enemies who often compete with one another (probably because both rely on a parasitic means to produce new sires) - this has no basis in any folklore and was likely an invention of horror films such as Dracula versus the Wolf-Man etc. But don’t worry, the son makes a full recovery after a raven gives the father a leaf with healing powers. La Tunda, Cryptids

Behemoth the Elephant | Much like during witch trials, the persecuted would be accused of killing children, vandalising property or worse, and were often subjected to torture and death. At the end of the 1800’s a new belief came into existence – revenants. Werewolves are monsters of folklore and they are one of the most well-known folkloric creatures of all time, arguably only rivalled by the vampire in popularity and recognition. Religious cultures sometimes explained werewolf transformations as being a divine punishment from God himself. A werewolf refers to the idea of a person being able to transform themselves into a wolf and assume wolf-like mannerisms. Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square | This excessive hair could have cause afflicted individuals to appear like werewolves if they were seen at night. Black Eyed Children | The original werewolf curse transformed a Shapeshifter Wolf into a Werewolf, effectively taking away the ability to control the shift but also taking away the ability to think as a human while in wolf form. Hoop Snake | Because we have science and the medical field to explain things that people didn’t know about centuries ago, we can simply just enjoy the legend for what it is. Trauco | Crisis, Possessed Objects

Let’s take a look at Lycaon. Zombies | Werewolves They both possess supernatural strength and expert tracking abilities. Malsumis | Wolfmen Fear Liath | Bye Bye Man | Enma Daio | History. Baal | Draug |

Count Dracula, Common Legends There are two diseases in particular that seem to be reasonable explanations for these stories – porphyria and hypertrichosis. Charlie | There are many records of people willingly transforming into werewolves. A werewolf is a man that has been cursed or charmed into a beast that hunts at night and craves human flesh.

Other sources tell of enchanted streams that gave people the ability to transform. Golden Cicada |

Succubus, Gods & Spirits Slide-Rock Bolter | Black Rock Witch | Ghost Trains | It was thought that the weight of the sins of the revenant would keep the head at the bottom of the river and prevent them from coming back as again. Ysbaddaden |

It was believed that when a werewolf was injured in animal form, the same injury would manifest itself in the being’s human form. Zeus

Mara | Horsemen of the Apocalypse | King Arthur | Traditional Depiction Captain Nemo, Monsters, Animals & Anthropomorphic Beings

Beast of Bray RoadBeerwolfDamarchusGilles GarnierLycaon of ArcadiaPricoliciManuel Blanco RomasantaRougarouPeter StumppThiess of KaltenbrunWerewolves of OssoryWerewomanWulverQutrub Abilities

The court tried to make Thiess confess to witchcraft and werewolf transformation through a pact with the devil, but he was firm in his answer. Kelpie of Loch Ness | She had turned her previous partner into a wolf. With the search for werewolves in the Middle Ages as paranoia about witches and other such creatures was heightened by the Church, people began searching for tell-tale signs that an individual could be a potential werewolf. Spiders | Jezebel | Averesboro Gallinipper |

According to the Fioretti, the city of Gubbio was besieged by the Wolf of Gubbio, which devoured both livestock and men. Black Shuck | They were promptly ‘flayed’ and strangled to death. Locusts of Abaddon |

Momonjii | Eating everything they can. Erlik |

Reptoids | They were said to be a tribe that had been driven from their original homeland due to an invasion of serpents.

Bunnyman | By night, they roamed and hunted as undead werewolves. There are reports of a tale that claim the Neuri transformed into wolves once a year, though this is sometimes seen as a reference to their shamanic practices. Sawney Bean | One of the most common identifiers of a supposed werewolf was a unibrow. Erymanthian Boar | For example, both werewolves and lycans become so when they’re bit. Type of Hostile Species Others thought that striking a werewolf on the scalp with a knife was enough to stop the transformation. Cthulhu Mythos Villains | Trevor Henderson Villains | Judas Iscariot |

During this time, he confessed to killing and eating both livestock and humans. Werewolves. Lilith |

Hypertrichosis is a condition in which the afflicted person has excessive hair growth. Creon | One of the most common tests was to cut the skin of the accused to see if fur could be found underneath the wound. They were thought to be immune to iron and fire when fighting and were similar to the Berserkers in their manner and practices. The Pharisees | El Silbón | There are many different versions and variations of werewolves, but many of these stories involve the transformation of a sinner into a wolf. Whore of Babylon | Black Goo | Contents[show] Werewolf A human temporarily or permanently transformed into a wolf, from the Anglo-Saxon wer (man) and wulf (wolf). Giants of Voronezh | Malicious, violent men are often said to become pricolici after death, in order to continue harming other humans.

Jackalopes | Aka Manto | Abyzou | For example, take a look at how many books and movies have been inspired by the werewolf lore. Shadow People |

Black Volga | Nobusuma | A lycan’s transformation occurs anytime and can be triggered by emotions or simply willing it to happen. Given that lycans seem to have more control in their process, they seem to be more conscious of their humanity than the werewolf. Peter Stumpp had the misfortune of having one of the most famous werewolf trials of his time. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Madman Marz | Stump was tried for werewolf transformation during 1589 and was put on trial before his town.

While a strigoi possesses anthropomorphic qualities similar to the ones it had before death, a pricolici always resembles a wolf or large dog. Another early werewolf legend is written by Petronius.

Manananggal | Romans |

Fallen Angels | Many legends claim that a man would transform into a werewolf if he was bitten or scratched by another werewolf in its animal form.

Goliath | Others argue that this isn’t plausible because the rarity in which this disease occurs makes it unlikely that it could have been found with the same prevalence that werewolves were reported. La Llorona | Unholy Trinity | Stymphalian Birds |,,,

Revenants were supposedly werewolves that were not destroyed properly and came back from the dead. Tsuchinoko | Ame-onna | Stumpp was connected to the werewolf of Bedburg because of his notable disability – a missing left hand.

There are also tales of magic salves that could transform a person. Accounts of these cases could very well explain why there are so many werewolf legends in the sixteenth-century. The werewolf legend reaches out from its folklore roots to the modern audiences of today because it connects our primal fears with the general belief that werewolves are harmful to humans.

Asmodeus | Beast | In Saga of the Volsungs, a father and son find wolf pelts that possess the power to turn people into wolves for ten days. Blair Witch | Satyricon was written around 62-63 CE, and depicts the story of a werewolf or shapeshifter that takes the form of a wolf. Let’s take a look! Hans claimed that he had received a wolf’s skin from a strange man in black and had used it to hunt for two years. Ghost Bus of Highway 93 | There are accounts that believe that werewolves could be a mutant variation of a human and wolf. Tanuki | However, legends surrounding Saint Francis of Assisi show him befriending a wolf.

Homey the Clown | Mordred | Dragons | Similar stories hold the same as being true for individuals that wore the entire wolfskin. In 1692, an unusual case presented itself to the courts in Livonia. Instead of porphyria serving as the cause of the alarm, they believe hypertrichosis is the cause of werewolf hysteria. Maricoxi | Snallygaster |

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Spring Heeled Jack | Hanako-San | With any legend, there are variations.

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