That helped the group cement a claim as the original king of Bay Area thrash and gave it an undeniable slot as a big influence on the genre as a whole.

Tankard are legends of Teutonic thrash but, truth be told, their sound has always felt far more American. Key Track: “The Eliminator”, While many of the bands on this list took an album or three to mature, Death Angel hatched fully formed. They eventually embraced funk metal but, hey, nobody’s perfect. Here are the top ten thrash-metal bands of … and "who is the greatest thrash metal musician ever?". Key Track: “Electrocution”, Of thrash metal’s Big Four, Anthrax have always been the most explicit in their love of hardcore, both its mosh-pit aggression and cartoonish political satire.

Of the big four, Megadeth left perhaps the most unique mark on the genre with its sinister take on thrash. Ja -- zee thrash metal. Circulation, You can only vote once on this list. Ax riffs and light-speed rhythms lock together like pentagram-shaped jigsaw pieces, while Mille Petrozza lays down virulently anti-melodic screeches that wound up influencing black metal’s wraith-style vocals. Initially, their hardcore punk roots played a starring role in their crossover.

To begin with, they were early pioneers of crossover thrash. This list of the top thrash metal bands in the world includes all musicians who have released recordings that have gotten distribution, and is an up-to-date list. Re-rank the page to fit your opnions then make it votable so you can share it with your friends and get only their input on this whole thing. Just make sure they aren't already on the list and check your spelling, because this is already an accurate compilation of the best examples of thrash metal, as well as a good place to start if you're asking yourself, or friends, exactly how to get into thrash metal music. The Westword may earn a portion of sales from products & services purchased through links on our site from our affiliate partners.

While every instrument is handled by a maniacal technician, bassist Steve Di Giorgio deserves a shoutout for unbelievably frenetic runs that basically power Sadus’ entire sound.

At the time, however, there was little else that even remotely resembled the roiling shitstorm bottled inside 1984’s, If most thrash bands spit razors, Exhorder chuck bricks. examines politics, power, and corruption with a mix of bare-knuckled honesty and progressive morality. Today, thankfully, they are back in the game, running strong and currently in the midst of a North American tour. But that isn’t true at all. They kinda-sorta sound like Megadeth—if Dave Mustaine had grown up a fan of opera and classical. Key Track: “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)”, The U.K. may be more renowned for its doom tradition, but they coughed up several thrash legends, including the mighty Sabbat.

The efficiently blitzing beats, uniquely rhythmic guitar runs, and gang-chanted slogans exploding from Spreading the Disease and Among the Living made them a go-to soundtrack for East Coast skate punks in the late ’80s. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. After all, thrash wasn’t all devils and nuclear apocalypses; a lot of it was silly and crude in a refreshingly juvenile way. the Big Four), while the Reagan-hating punks unleashed such crossover badasses as D.R.I., Agnostic Front, and Suicidal Tendencies.

This set Sabbat apart from thrash’s hordes of Satan-hailing scoundrels. List of good thrash metal bands includes a filter so you can sort by the groups’s label and what albums they've put out.