He trades the remnants of the candy for his glasses, then says, “Let’s go fishin’.”. I want to leave that right where it is,” he says. TWO ROADS DIVERGED | Nicky gives Jack some photos from their time in Vietnam, and they reminisce about their mother’s inedible chili lasagna.

But in the end, he turns toward Pittsburgh. They regrettably tell him Jack has been dead for decades and head inside to get to the bottom of things. But then a man approaches with a brown bag-wrapped bottle in his hand and wants to know what is going on: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Old Uncle Nicky.

He was just a kid!” at his brother. Nick admits he quickly became an addict and slowly broaches the subject of the boat. Bradford, Penn., is a six-hour drive from Alpine, N.J., and Kevin is planning a roadtrip.

After Jack departs, he stops at a convenience store before he gets on the road to home.

He lives in a small disheveled trailer and looks worse for wear. a darkness inside of him. Episode 11, titled “Songbird Road: Part One” shows the Pearsons grappling with Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) longtime lie and the uncle they never knew they had. the great mystery of our uncle. Nick and Jack reminisce about their days as kids before Nick tries to broach the topic of Vietnam. ‘I NEVER GOT TO TELL HIM’ | “Jack know you’re here?” Nicky asks, which leads to them giving him the bad news. But when the elder Pearson sees the boy’s sandal floating in the wreckage, he starts screaming, “What did you do?!

in black and white, no gray. Who Is Meghan Markle's Handsome New Communications Director Christian Jones. “I never got to tell him. All rights reserved. All rights It worked the first time, but on the second attempt, the boy reached for the grenade and it fell to the floor.

The Big Three introduce themselves and he asks if their dad knows they’re here.

After the blast, Nicky surfaces, unharmed, but the boat is destroyed and the boy is nowhere to be seen. Eventually, they arrive at the trailer… but no one is home and it looks like it might be abandoned. It’s slow going at first and when Kevin finally brings up the subject of Jack and Vietnam, Nick immediately grows upset and tells them to leave. Kate has to pee.

“I’ve relived that day so many times in my head. Then, it was up to Jack to return to shore and tell the boy’s mother—who just so happens to be the woman with the necklace.

I don’t know,” he answers. Check out the previous This Is Us recap here. But when Nicky broaches the subject of what happened during the war, Jack swiftly shuts him down. By

But when the kid playfully grasps for another grenade after Nicky has already pulled the pin, Nicky fumbles the bomb and it lands in the boat. Does anyone want to go?

“Yeah, you’re Jack’s kids all right,” Nicky observes. In agonizing slow motion, we watch as he tries to get the boy to jump off the boat and swim for his life. On their way back, Randall buys road trip snacks and Kevin decides that he can’t leave Nick in a “leaky sardine can” like their dad did. “We’re not going anywhere,” she finishes.

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Ultimately, Kate agrees to join her brothers, but Rebecca has no interest in getting mixed up in this and is emotionally struck by the whole ordeal. But when she brings up the idea of talking to someone who can help him, he acts like he didn’t hear her and leaves the room, saying he’d like to get cleaned up. We begin with a montage of Jack receiving postcards from Nick in an attempt to reconcile. RELATED: Calling All ‘This Is Us’ Fans: *This* ‘ER’ Alum Is Joining the Cast, I am not currently subscribed to PureWow.com, so please subscribe, I am already subscribed to PureWow.com, let me tell you the email address I used to subscribe, Please accept the terms and privacy statement by checking the box below.

Mama Pearson does not want to go, she tells her kids, but she does volunteer to watch the girls while Beth is busy with some upcoming job interviews. What we thought might’ve happened on a horrible day in This Is Us‘ Vietnam storyline… didn’t, this week’s episode reveals. She asks if it helped and he says he isn’t sure. We’ll get to it in a moment in this recap, I promise.)

But instead of owning up to the fact that his brother is alive, he just says he saw a friend from the war who is having a rough time. With that news, Nick tells the Pearsons he’s going to call it a day.


Next episode . In the present, Nicky softly laments, “I never got to tell him.”.

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He asks how Jack died and it’s Randall who tells him about the fire and the heart attack.

Nicky still carries his guilt, and he tells The Big Three that he’ll never forget the boy’s mother as she wailed on the sand.

“That’s how much I mean it,” Jack says gruffly, turning to leave.


But the truth of what did happen on that day during the war is so, so much worse — as Kevin, Randall and Kate learn when they track their uncle down.