What is “Gilt-Edged Market”? c) Sensitive exchange

ANS:- D, 63. ANS:- c, 94.

b) Sensitive index B) Wipro more than a year is called as capital market. 13. MBP) and the Snap Quote display on the trading screen. 44. Statement 2 a. all of the following C. 81,232.25

B. Rs. B. indemnity In India […] Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject. ANS:- A. C. liquidity D) Infosys Home » CAPITAL MARKET MCQs » 300+ TOP CAPITAL MARKET Objective Questions and Answers. There are various modes of raising finance and hence there are various instruments that form part of these modes. ANS:- C, 82. B.

5,000 ANS:- a, 92. NSCCL becomes the legal counterparty to the net settlement obligations of every member. A) Accurate information should be available timely basis A company can issue various securities like shares, debentures, bonds, share warrants etc. D. green shoe. 27. C. all the dealers under that branch C) TCS D. none of the above a) Sensor index d. marginal revenue cost curve CAC 40 is the prominent stock index of which country? ANS:- C, 89. 3.

ANS:- B, 88. 21.

Auction User Interface messages C. Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) The member applies for a new user at Kolkata. If the interest rate is 8 percent and the firm has $3,000 on hand, what should it do? If a client buys shares worth Rs. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. B. a mass mailing offering a security for sale. C) Bombay Stock Exchange A) 2009

No payment for transaction in which a Trading Member is taking position as a principal will be allowed to be made from the client’s account? Interest is a payment for deferred True or False? For liquid securities, the VaR margins are based on the ________ of the Security. ANS:- D. 43. Correct! A) NYSE A. Delhi branch has one user ‘Z’ with user order value limit of Rs. a. increase in roundabout production; future ability to produce consumer goods will be higher as a result 413,502.54 d. land ANS:- D, 52. A.

ANS:- A. D. client id A) ICICI Bank D) Growth Stocks World History - General Knowledge Questions. D. privately placed common stock that cannot be immediately resold to the general public. D. exposure limit D. 91,444.9 C. Rs. D. All messages related to Auctions C. 1,085,123.70 D) 2006 ANS:- D. 25.

A. a handwritten certificate representing a corporate IOU. ANS:- C. 48. B. trade cancellation access An order with a stop loss only D) Securities and Exchange Board of India Which in the list signifies pessimism for a particular stock Save $3,000 at the interest rate of 8 percent. A) Buy Call Option One of the requirements for admission to membership on the NSE is to pass an on-line examination under NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM). B. recognized stock exchange True or False? C. Disclosed Quantity (DQ) D) Stockholm Stock Exchange A. Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview Questions.com, CAPITAL MARKET Objective type Questions with Answers.

ANS:- e, Your email address will not be published. (i) investor preference for a given instrument. What is Dollex-30? ANS:- C. 9.

C. Client Code Master ANS:- e, 95. Provided there are no holidays in between, settlement should take place on ______ ? ANS:- B. 39. An advertisement released by a trading member can contain a recommendation regarding purchase or sale of any particular share or security of any company. ANS:- A. Capital Market Instruments – 10 MCQs To Test Yourself . C. Book Type A. a. ‘buy’, ‘hold’ or ‘sell’. ANS:- D, 85. These are some factors which are considered while rating of a manufacturing concern. Which order will get a priority for getting executed. B. Client List Master b. There are various modes of raising finance and hence there are various instruments that form part of these modes. c. the amount of roundabout production C. warranty ANS:- A, 83. D. All of the above 550 lakh. ANS:- D. 7. Order no. ANS:- C. 19.

In which year NSE launched Currency Derivatives? IBPS Reasoning model test paper - Bank Exam, IBPS English Language model test paper - Bank Exam. ANS:- D, 53. A. mean e. Bank Christmas clubs pay no interest. C. True, only if his clients are making payments on time ANS:- B, 79. ANS:- A. A. Rs. As in this market securities are sold for the first time, i.e., new securities are issued from the company. © Copyright 2016. The trading members can participate in the Exchange initiated auctions by entering orders as a ______. D. none of the above Bank Exams - dates, preparation, model papers etc.

Primary Market (New Issue Market): Primary market is also known as new issue market.

A) National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd. (NSCCL) C) Auto C. participant code Which order will get a priority for getting executed. 1,00,000 through a stock-broker, then the maximum brokerage payable is _____. 100 share of Reliance Ltd. are purchased on Monday. Which organisation regulates capital market? D) Tokyo Stock Exchange C. securities issued by the United States Postal Service. D. 1,083,467.63 42. True or False. D. 433,820.81 Client Database Master C. circulates or causes to be circulated, any rumors; D) Pharmacy A. C. market-wide based securities-wise circuit breakers ___________ assumes the counter party risk of each member and guarantees financial settlement. C. ‘novation B) Stockholm Stock Exchange ANS:- B. A. True A. FIIs

D. Government Securities 72.75 at time 10:30 a.m. 2) 300 shares @ Rs.

72.80 at time 10:31 a.m. A. A) Operational Risk 45. C. Trade Modified The capital market instruments are usually used by the Government, Corporations and Companies. ANS:- b, 93. D. The National Securities Clearing Corporation Ltd. (NSCCL) The instruments used by the corporate sector to raise funds are selected on the basis of –. D. within 24 hours of sale A) RBI 1,113,502.54 Order no. The closing price of PQR on that day was Rs.259.00 The last traded price of PQR on that day was Rs.254.0 The close price of PQR last Friday was Rs.255.00 The previous day’s close price of PQR was Rs.264.00 What is the maximum allowable price at which the member can put a sell order in the auction for PQR? A. golden parachute. Surveillance and Control (SURCON) is that period after market close during which, the users have _______ only. D) Santiago Stock Exchange, 80. B) Sell Call Option Which was the first Indian company to list on NASDAQ? Consider the following statements in context with Treasury Bulls? D. inquiry access

Auction Initiation Messages

2. Chennai branch has two users ‘X’ and ‘Y’ with user order limits of Rs. Auction Square Up Debit Statement: This report gives details of unauctioned deliveries that are squared-up by the Exchange. $4 per year more than before D. ‘obligation guarantee’ 434,141.15 A. Illiquid shares C. the latest available closing price C. quantity delivered and quantity of shares delivered short B. Tuesday (T+1) B. A. NASDAQ stands for… a. ANS:- C,D, 72. Which of the following is not a rating agency. D) Private Placements 5,25,000 and sells shares worth Rs. The branch manager receives End of Day reports for _________.

ANS:- a, 97. B) Dollar Version of BSE-200 A. securities-based market-wide circuit breakers 364 C. An order with a Disclosed Quantity (DQ) C) Stock exchanges Secondary Market ! b. A) Prospectus A. C) Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIL) C. Clearing Member Report B. 79,383.22 A company can issue various securities like shares, debentures, bonds, share warrants etc.

D. Order Modified C) SENSEX C. The National Depository Services Ltd. (NSDL) ANS:- C, 73. Security wise User Order Quantity Limit (SUOQL) can be modified anytime during trading hours. 300,000 in the bank annually. A)FITCH Here is a quiz on capital market instruments to test yourself ! B.

C) Funds Generated during IPO ‘T+3’ ANS:- B, 86.

A. his own orders only No person shall be admitted as trading member of a recognized stock exchange if he has been adjudged bankrupt or a receiver order in bankruptcy has been made against him or he has been proved to be insolvent even though he has obtained his final discharge. ANS:- B. In order to predict marginal rates of return on investment, producers must forecast interest rates. 500 lakh respectively. b. Which is the principal stock exchange of Switzerland? One of the Custodial Trade Reports is the ___________, A. B. the theoretical closing price A. volatility D. None of the above


72.75 at time 10:30 a.m. 2) 300 shares @ Rs. The concept of marginal productivity is applicable to D. Rs. ANS:- C, 33. 800 lakh for Kolkata branch. Auction is held in PQR for 10,000 shares.

Rating methodology for NBFC’s is based on CAMELS model encompassing, Capital adequacy, Asset quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity and Sensitivity to Market Risk. Two buy orders enter into the system and are unmatched : 1) 200 shares @ Rs. Book Building Process is associated with B) Preference Share Allotment d. $16 per year more than before True, unless his clients approves the payment D. all of the above

D. none of the above

C. Rs. C) Value Stocks Most likely involves an unusually large stock offering. e. the decreased amount of future capital available 25,000

Banking interview - Areas emphasized upon by the panel and q... SSC General Awareness questions and answers.

B) DOWJONES ANS:- B. D. All of the above True or False? 950 lakh for his Mumbai branch and Rs. A) Dollar Version of Nifty A trading member on the NSE, has a branch order value of Rs. Order Cancelled D. None of the above

ANS:- B, 78. D) Sensitive Stocks

The Message Window in the NEAT system allows a user to view messages broadcast by the Exchange such as, __________, A. corporate actions ANS:- B, 67. 32. a. supply of loanable funds curve D. False Banking and financial awareness questions for bank exams - S... Banking structure questions and answers for bank recruitment, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank entrance exam FAQs, Capital market - questions and answers for bank recruitment. 250 lakh ANS:- D. 49. In case of issue of equity share, credit rating agency is optional. ANS:- D, 62. d. Faster computers are more expensive than slower ones, other things equal. C. impact cost D) Minimum Offer per share ANS:- C. 31. Q1. 150 lakh The following facility allows the user to have a drop down list of client codes at the account field: A. What does SENSEX stands for?

Which was the first Indian company to list on NYSE? ANS:- A, 77. ANS:- D. 36. C. Rs. B) India Index Services & Products Ltd. (IISL) 550 lakh. D. Rs. D. Auction is over.