Audi S5 3.0 TFSI. One Shot Remap (£0.00) Gains quoted are typical for Stage 1.

By using the 550cc injectors we are able to slightly over fuel the car to a steady commanded lambda of 11.5 to 1, this helps keep the cylinders cooler and also allows us to use more advanced ignition tables.

As can be seen by the dyno graph TXX is controlled at low rpm to help a sensible torque figure which ensures the drive train is kept safe and in tact and as the rpm climbs all hell breaks loose. Included (£125.00), None 9am – 12pm Sat (By Appointment Only). Required fields are marked *.

BMW i8 1.5 Turbo Hybrid Chip Tuning.

340lph Fuel pump unit. The options you selected are not available in these circumstances. Essential for a heavily modified engine.

Great service and remapping , thoroughly recommend them , …

Order total should be greater than 250. DS Painted Black (DS Logo Stencil) (£20.00)


This product is currently only available for sale in the UK. Stage 3 Remaps include 4 hours dyno time, all extra Dyno Time is charged on top of this price. Alle waarden van de motorparameters blijven bij deze stage binnen de door de constructeur gestelde veiligheidsnormen.

Bosch 550cc multi hole injectors x 5 – These are Brand new Bosch injectors and a direct replacement for the standard 330cc Focus ST injectors. An ECU Remap is a permanent physical change to the vehicle. It can be ‘undone’ by re-installing the original ECU software but the cost of doing this is often the same as having it remapped to start with, not to mention the trace count as above.

Typically your vehicle will gain around 30% extra power from standard with this remap.

Abarth Punto Evo 1.4 Turbo Multiair.

This set up includes a K16 Turbo with a K24 turbine and compressor wheel. THIS PACKAGE IS FITTED ONLY.

Stage 2 Tunes the ECU after the intake and exhaust parts have been installed. We remove the Cylinder head and re-shim the cam followers to ensure 100% Performance.

This ensures the best air is fed into the engine.

Select our optional oil and filter change below to finish off your Dreamscience Stage 4 performance package. BMW 135i Chip Tuning.
We have also incorporated a Forge actuator and Forge Motorsport re-circulating dump valve to this turbo unit, plus the entire unit has been ported and polished to increase the overall efficiency of the unit. Dreamscience Induction Kit – Including a DS Air Filter plus our specially selected Samco hoses. Mark W. 14:51 17 May 20.

Focus RS MK2 Oil cooler – The Focus ST225 from standard has a small oil cooler unit which is located just above the rear part of the sump. This cooler is a mandatory piece of kit for the Stage 4 upgrade and a great option for all other stages. Abarth Punto Evo 1.4 Turbo Multiair. These injectors are used as part of our stage 4 kit as from testing the standard injectors start to become inefficient at around 316Bhp +/- depending on temperature, commanded lambda, barometric pressure etc. Our modified ignition advance curves have been dyno developed and modified in just the right places to give you more power & torque. Ferrari F430 Chip Tuning. Opening hours:

Select an option... Ferrari F430 Chip Tuning. Stage 1 involves the basics of a remap, offering increased power, performance and throttle response.

35Lb/min Billet compressor wheel with extended tip technology, AET bespoke motorsport 6 pad thrust bearing assembly, Total seal turbine piston ring seal for low back pressure exhaust systems, Modified Seal plate to match hi-flow compressor wheel, Cut back turbine exducer blades for better flow @ high RPM ranges, Forge re circulating dump valve with yellow spring, Ported inlet manifold matched to manifold gasket, Core assembly VSR balanced to motorsport specifications. Adding the Cams to your build will make the car breathe and make a smoother bhp curve with better peak BHP.

Audi S5 3.0 TFSI. Also includes new down pipe bolts, gasket, turbo copper washer seals, and new turbo exhaust manifold gasket. Included (£1,100.00).

Dreamscience 3 inch Full Exhaust System – Stainless steel 3 inch Turbo Downpipe, De-Cat or 200 Cell (or 100 Cell) Race Cat and Cat Back with 4 inch slash cut tips.

Stage 3 includes free Remap Tweak/Health Check after 1 day to 2 weeks of driving. De stage 1 bestaat uit een individuele herprogrammatie van het motormanagement systeem van het voertuig, waarbij de afstelling van de motorparameters ( ontsteking, inspuiting,... ) op maat gebeurt op de vermogentestbank. Registered in UK number 05573002. Not Included TXX ECU remap – The TXX map has been developed to offer maximum performance while maintaining reliability and efficiency, as described by Performance Ford, “It’s designed to perform and feel as if it’s original factory fitment”. Delivery is not available, as fitting is included so your vehicle must be brought to our development centre in Hull, UK. We have a off the shelf answer to fuelling your high powered Focus RS Mk2, this fuel pump upgrade is a straight swap for your standard pump unit and utilises a 340-litres per hour fuel pump!

After intensive testing and many specification changes we have now signed off the DS-AET- K16/K24 Hybrid turbo upgrade.
Stage 3. Audi RS5 4.2V8 Chip Tuning. I sent CDI unit on Monday and got it back Thursday. Ideal for track cars & heavily modified road cars etc *(Vehicle required for 1-2 Days) 7 Speed - DL382 - 0CK / 0DN / 0CL / 0CJ / 0DP & DL382+ - 0HL DSG STAGE 1 £350 + VAT. €103.40 EUR (+VAT)    $121.02 USD    $172.40 AUD, America & Speedmaster 95mph Speed Limiter Removal. Including all of our Stage 3 Modifications but also with the addition of a Turbo upgrade, an uprated Oil cooler, Fuel pump and uprated Bosch 550cc multi hole injectors. This ECU Mount gives the engine bay more of a standard/tidy look, whilst protecting the delicate ECU from any water ingress. The name Triumph and the model names Bonneville, T100, Thruxton, Scrambler, America and Speedmaster are trademarked names of Triumph Designs Ltd. and are used for model reference only.

Triumph Twin Power Ltd. is not affiliated with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. or Triumph Designs Ltd. in any way.

For customers outside the UK, you are welcome to contact your local dealer to find out more.

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Audi RS5 4.2V8 Chip Tuning. It also removes flat spots and gives a more responsive drive without compromising reliability.

The Dreamscience  ST Stage 4 Tuning Upgrade kit includes: Dreamscience DS-AET- K16/K24 Hybrid turbo upgrade – Dreamscience have worked closely with AET-Turbos over the last 12 months to co-develop a hybrid turbo upgrade for the Focus ST225 which develops great performance, reliability and value for money. The TXX map power delivery is designed to keep climbing as you go through the rev range, there is no massive lump in the low to mid range followed by the disappointment of losing all your power and boost. Ceramic Black tips be can be added for an extra £60.00. What’s modified for a tune to be classed as stage 4 is open to interpretation, but at the very least, it is here that an upgraded turbocharger/ supercharger, such as a hybrid turbo, is installed.

© 2020 Dreamscience Automotive Ltd. Massive improvement nearly double the BHP and Torque increase. Stage 2 Tuning.

Hardware upgrades are often required before a Stage 2 Remap can be applied and may require … While fitting your Dreamscience Stage 3 Kit why not add a fully compatible RS mk2 ECU Mount?