Yes. I took my bike (FLSTFI) to the dealer this afternoon to add the SE Stage 1 filter and do the FI remap.

For increased performance. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use. Posted 6 years ago withersea Equally, the standard engine map can be reinstalled in around the same amount of time. We check carefully that the temperatures and pressures our remaps put the engine through don’t exceed the acceptable parameters.”, It's important to inform your insurer of any modifications, and another frequent worry is that a remap will see the cost of car insurance skyrocket. So a remap is not necessarily just for people who want to drive faster. If you are really serious about learning ECU tuning and creating your own custom ECU files, it will take a lot of effort and time.

You will need to invest in some tools and also coaching. I've been happy w/ the dealer, but this is my first experience w/ the service dept. All opinions welcome and we respond to all comments, just keep it clean please. Similarly, many companies that have a fleet of vehicles for employees often have special maps installed that limit their vehicles to 70mph.

This tiny computer controls aspects of the engine such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and boost pressure.

We would never recommend keeping the remap a secret, firstly because it’s illegal, and secondly because if you need to make a claim and the map is discovered then your insurer may invalidate your policy and refuse to pay out.

Stage 1 DSG Tune £150 When done at the same time as engine. You take your car to a tuner and he uploads a map in few minutes.

Making changes to your car’s ECU usually requires a computer, with no actual physical changes to the car.

Depending on the map you have installed, some vehicles will benefit from a valet mode, and immobiliser mode, which you can activate with a switch device. All rights reservedCarbuyer™ is a registered trade mark. REVO Stage 1 Software: from 50ps to 75ps from 50lbft to 80lbft NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions, if you hover over the … These clone tools often don’t offer full functionality, and there is no official support either if something goes wrong. Stage 1 – a mild tune where no other modifications have been made to the car – around 150bhp, improved response and flexibility. This often means that these ECU maps are quite conservative and a lot more power can be extracted from the same engine by uploading a new map.

by Carbuyer. Extremely safe and sturdy. 2WD Dyno Power Runs x3 1 hr. Not to mention, the car manufacturer also deliberately detune to engines in the lower variant and models. Required fields are marked *.

If you can resist the urge to put your foot down, remapped cars can see fuel-efficiency benefits, and they're also quite popular amongst the caravanning fraternity.

There’s often an admin fee to make a policy change too, so bear this in mind. While most drivers get their car remapped for the extra performance, there are other reasons to consider one too. I’ve personally had my last two cars remapped and would always look to do it again on future cars. That all depends on how you drive. As no additional parts are required, the cost of a remap is far less than upgrading an engine’s mechanical components. Also, if you do decide to buy performance parts like exhaust, intercooler, intake manifold, etc, you’ll need to remap your ECU to make these new hardwares compatible and actually help the cause. Nowadays there are many online resources where you can learn more about engine tuning. Moreover, they are quite receptive to hardware add-ons.

Later stages tend to require more invasive work and provide fewer gains in performance per pound than the first stage. However, Turvey added: "Historically, insurers would run a mile from chipped cars. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. I’ve had one of there intercoolers and turbo hose kits one my car now almost 10 years and it’s still going strong.

Let’s find out: Almost all modern cars nowadays have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) that controls how the engine behaves. With electric cars becoming more and more prevalent, the budding question now is whether or not they can be remapped in a similar way to their combustion engine counterparts. However, we manufacture many products and if you make enough of anything, a limited number of problems may be expected. This can be for a multitude of reasons, including the fact cars must be reliable in all manner of climates and conditions, whether they're driven in a snowy mountain village or an arid desert at sea level, all while hitting economy figures set out by the manufacturers.

But should you remap your car? All shipping for warranty must be pre-paid and insured and accompanied by reference to the original invoice. Does remapping harm the engine in long run? Some of the biggest tuning companies invest millions into buying equipments like dyno, tuning tools, computers, various sensors etc. It all depends on the type of map you have installed. Isn't it a nice feeling when your investment, whether it's time, effort. It's not practical, or safe for that matter.). Without the switch, the car will simply not be driveable. £987.50 ex VAT £1,185.00 inc. VAT. Damage will rarely be done to the vehicle if you use a lower grade fuel, but this will often result in a jerky drive and poorer performance, even more so than before the remap was installed. Modern vehicle engines are controlled by a computer known as the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Often, a Stage 1 tune is sufficient to satisfy your hunger. Going with one of these companies means the software you have installed is most likely going to be safe to use, but always check reviews first.

Creating a map: Most difficult part of the whole process is making the right map (software file) itself. If the insurance company is unable to continue insuring you, you’ll need to cancel and find another insurer that is. QST Tuning Haywards Heath: APR Stage 1 remap for the EA888 GEN3 2.0TFSI engine (already had the pipes), This is the reason I just drive the f'n bike and listen to the constipated exhaust and don't spend any more money at the Stealer. I put about 50 miles on the bike yesterday, getting a feel for the new pipes/filter/flash and I can tell a big difference! However, keep in mind that different tuning companies have different maps and you should go with a reputable company.

How sharp the engine feels and how much power it generates is as much down to lines of computer code as its size, allowing manufacturers to design fewer engines but tailor the ones they do make to a pecking order within model line-ups, or target specific efficiency figures. Tuning firms like this are easy to find online and in the owners' forums for almost every model of car. Tuning must be easy right?

This is great for peace of mind.

Our guide to different types of fuel - Petrol vs Diesel. By default, most vehicles have their performance intentionally dialled down when they leave the factory for a multitude of reasons.

These devices are connected into the wiring loom under the bonnet, and rather than overwriting the car's engine software, they intercept and modify the ECU's signals as they are sent to the engine. Car enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their cars faster. Additionally, the tuned map is then tested in real-world conditions with varying climate, traffic conditions, and with different drivers.

Dealer called and said my bike is ready to be picked up, weather is perfect today, maybe I'll take the long way home from the dealer.

Since I had read about a few horror stories on this board, I was afraid of popping or backfiring due to a lean condition, but I didn't hear anything like that. Effective January 2016 onwards, if your product fails due to a manufacturing defect we will repair or replace it without charge, at our discretion.

Changing settings that affect the control of an engine can have harmful effects, it all depends on who wrote the software, and how the vehicle tuner configures it to the vehicle. As we've hinted at above, most vehicles come with less power than they're actually capable of producing. What's New 3 12 24 72. It is how we deal with a problem that is important! Total for stage 1 kit = $90.00.

I had already added the SE Double Barrels on Sunday. Whilst other mods can help to raise the power gains and realize the full potential of the mod they are not mandatory. Glad to hear you're happy with the changes to your bike. Checkout this video of a tuned VW Golf R: With tuning your car for more power, you are pushing the boundaries that the carmaker had created. Stage 1 is nearly always just a simple ECU software change. By adjusting these settings the vehicle can be altered to increase either performance or economy, or sometimes both.

Usually, you will safely be able to use the same fuel as before.

There are many advantages to remapping your vehicle.

Prices increase from here but by how much typically depends on the amount of programming and testing required, the type of vehicle you're remapping and whether the remap is simply done via a laptop and cable. 1999 – 2001 models will require ECU re-chip rather than remap. £25.

Some tuners also give an option to revert back to the original file and full refund if you don’t like the new map (if informed within a few days). We think remapping a vehicle has many benefits, especially if your vehicle is already out of warranty.

Remapping is often called Stage 1 tuning and comes as part of many stages offered by the tuning company.

However, turbocharged cars are a blessing for someone looking to remap their car. R600 Silicone Hose £102.

Before you start saving up for a bunch of performance parts, maybe you should first look into ECU remapping. The car dealer will always try and look for ways to deny you warranty claim, so if the technician finds that your car is remapped then you can’t do anything about it. springer 1. Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 require additional parts like an intercooler, free flow exhaust, intake manifold, bigger airbox, air filter, etc. So always discuss the recommended fuel type to use with your tuner when getting your vehicle remapped.

Going by the term & conditions, yes remapping a car will void the warranty.

Think of it as a computer that’s running software to operate an engine. When I purchased the filter, I talked to the parts guys and got what I thought was the total cost on the upgrade.

(For more information on the different types of fuel, see our article Our guide to different types of fuel - Petrol vs Diesel). (ie 99 RON Octane in petrol cars or 55 CN Cetane in diesel cars), which means the car will perform to its optimum if you stick with that exact fuel grade. or money pays off! This means paying a cancellation fee and potentially losing any no claims bonus you may have accrued that year. Newer vehicles cost a tad more to remap owing to their more complex sensor architecture. Turbochargers and superchargers increase the fuel compression therefore allowing more fuel to fit inside the cylinders before igniting. We undertake basic diagnostic checks prior to tuning so we can advise of anything likely to impact performance.