The truth is that you probably will have to compromise. So you could wake up, watch the sunrise, drive west and watch the sunset on the same day. is another option. If you avoid the obvious locations and the touristic ones as well, you avoid 90% of the places people are going to go. Now, if you’re staying in the country, congratulations. Look for states that have laws t… Especially for destinations abroad, freedom of speech is something important to do your research on. But if there’s one thing we know as preppers, it’s that we should always hope for the best but plan for the worst. You can start by assessing the number of riots or chaotic situation that the place has both historically and currently. Either way, you have to look for the availability of houses in the place. When disaster strikes you must also be able to access your funds and records, giving you a chance to recover quickly and be informed of your credit. Breaking News Alert: Facebook Is Suppressing Politically Conservative Content. When preparing for lights out, you have options. You don’t even have to know Spanish. You don’t want to be caught in a store fighting your way, to get supplies you should have had if you were prepped. I became committed to working to educate others on emergency preparedness. In an economic collapse, the supply of many items will be greatly reduced which in turn will increase the price.

Good properties give you options. That is why panic buying and looting occurs and that’s the last thing you should find yourself in.

Year after year, the United States rates dramatically low in happiness and dramatically high in income inequality. There is such a, Best Self Defense for Small Guys: The Bigger They Fall. The point is that if you’re starting over it matters. Take these tips and ways to prepare for an economic collapse, so you are never caught off guard when worse comes to worst! This may be more difficult than you think. While you can still live on with water you don’t have to boil to ensure it’s drinkable, do so by stocking up on bottled water. Safe drinking water, hygiene kit including toilet paper are some of the things you need to store because these are items you can’t easily make from scratch. Being financially ready for an economic collapse isn’t about setting aside all of your money. You don’t even have to know Spanish. If you don’t want to, under any circumstances, then it might be the case of staying in the U.S and head for the country. Vermont, Bernie Sanders’ stomping ground, is the most socialist in the nation. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 3, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy. You could head across the ocean, prove yourself in Finland, and become a socialist. A good idea might be to learn a skill that is crucial, especially in situations like this. This applies both for people that will leave the country and for those that will stay.

When it comes to social stability since depending on what happens, everything may change.

Another thing that people tend to neglect is the fact that every country has their own laws. Obviously, if you decide to stay in the country, the visa and residency do not need to be a concern. In the event of economic collapse, money and financial records will be in high demand, and identity theft will run rampant. Those are basic questions that you must consider.

No one can really say what the future will be like when the unthinkable happens. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. This way, you can make sure that you have a surefire way to start all over and succeed. In the event of economic collapse, money and financial records will be in high demand, and identity theft will run rampant. Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below! Important that everybody reflects over this. So, as mentioned already, you could head to a country that is stable, safe, and has low income inequality. Now, there is more to being a prepper than stockpiling food, water, and weapons.

In fact, some Silicon Valley billionaires and celebrities are investing in properties they can run to if SHTF. Also, the murder ratio is another important data that you should look at. They are democratic socialist countries, which means they have virtually no poverty, and they expect to care about one another. You could also head to a place like Washington or Colorado, where the people have begun the work of moving toward income equality.