Below are examples of transactions we may consider accepting [1]: We would also highlight that, as set out in Nomad Rule 5 and Inside AIM (Issue 1), both an applicant QE and an existing QE may cite the same Relevant Transaction if they have each been involved to an appropriate extent. Accordingly, these obligations will apply to all issuers admitted to European growth markets including AIM. Further, care should be taken when using terminology to describe the nature of the arrangement to ensure appropriate and sufficient disclosure. London Stock Exchange (the “Exchange”) refers AIM companies and nominated advisers to the FRC statement providing background as to the reasons for the IFRS 16 Amendment and notes the FRC’s confirmation that it will not pursue regulatory action where issuers take advantage of the IFRS 16 Amendment, prior to it being adopted by the EU (“FRC Statement”). Currently where an AIM company has been suspended for more than six months, pursuant to AIM Rule 41 the company’s securities will be cancelled. © 2020 London Stock Exchange. We will also consider the support the applicant will receive and will take into account the wider staffing and controls within the firm. It is acceptable for the statement to incorporate by reference (for example disclosures that are provided in a clearly delineated corporate governance section of the annual report) provided that the material is freely available and the statement clearly indicates where interested parties can read or obtain a copy of that material (for example, the relevant pages or section of the annual report or the URL for the relevant web page). This obligation will be separate to an AIM company’s compliance with Article 19. If you would like to receive our AIM Notices regularly by email, please send an email to The systems, procedures and controls an AIM company puts in place (as required by AIM Rule 31) should take into account the use of social media and other forms of electronic communication used by the company in order to manage its’ disclosure obligations under the AIM Rules. Although we have already sought views from various market participants, we will undertake a market consultation if changes to the AIM Rules are required. If markets for goods and services were the only markets available, firms would eventually have all of the money in an economy, households would have all of the finished products, and economic activity would stop. Accordingly, the nature of any director’s dealings arrangements should be clearly and fully disclosed, most usually at the time that a transfer of an interest in the shares becomes binding (whether that transfer occurs now or in the future). We expect AIM companies and nominated advisers to consider the design and implementation of the policy in a meaningful way, to ensure it is capable of working in practice, taking into account the nominated adviser’s knowledge of the company and its management. Where travel restrictions and social distancing measures make it difficult to meet this obligation, provided that a nominated adviser uses alternative measures that are reasonably available (such as virtual meetings), we will temporarily suspend the requirement for a physical site visit. It is important for the effective overall operation of the market that real time monitoring and management of the market continues to be undertaken by London Stock Exchange, as market operator. In this Inside AIM, we set out answers to some of the frequently asked questions in respect of staffing, particularly taking into account wider market conditions and trends. The term “factors of production” refers to anything that is used by a firm in order to make a final product. I used Stock Rover’s excellent … We will keep these temporary measures under review and when the disruption to AIM companies eases, we will announce an orderly transition to standard reporting periods under AIM Rules 18 and 191. In this case, it’s important to remember that capital refers not only to physical machinery but also to the funds (sometimes called financial capital) that are used to buy the machinery used in production. Importantly, compliance with MAR does not mean that an AIM company will have satisfied its obligations under the AIM Rules, just as compliance with the AIM Rules does not mean that an AIM company will have satisfied its obligations under MAR. London Stock Exchange would expect, as part of an AIM company’s AIM Rule 31 processes, that appropriate independence is exercised in the preparation of a notification. This range of sanctions enables London Stock Exchange to apply the most appropriate sanction taking into account all the circumstances and ensuring that it achieves its objectives of providing education to the market; ensuring change in future behaviour; and deterring future breaches.