When James refuses to reinstate his son as a preacher, Jacob looks for work at Triumph. Well God, has quite a sense of humor. He’s obviously not protecting her. Bob Whitmore really, really, really doesn’t want this truth to come out whatever it is… Darius figures he can still salvage what he has discovered so far as he asks Grace to locate some emails on her laptop that he can use. And I’m sure that Darius will ride out with her when the time is right…, Well, now that Lady Mae has found out the deets on the impending divorce, she now has to confront her son.

It was A.J.’s remark about taking things apart that reminded Bishop of this long overdue project. “Jesus never built a temple, never asked for donations. Grace is told to fire Carlton. eventCategory: event.slot.getSlotElementId(), James confides in the family, and Mae reaches her breaking point. hitType: 'event', While he is in with his doctor, Grace tells him that she did find that journal that Noah told her about and that the caretaker was fixated with “that Negro” that kept visiting. However, she says, “Do you think I want to give her this house?” She is, however, puzzled by the events that led up to them getting the house, particularly since Aaron the attorney thinks the first will looks legitimate. He calls her from a new phone as someone stole his phone and laptop while he was in Vegas. But behind closed doors, bitter accusations fly. I want all of his truth told, and I’m just not convinced that it has been at this point. Grace's anger at Mac consumes her. And it doesn’t help that Basie, Mac and Darryl James are dead and gone. Noah and Grace are with A.J. But Zora asks what did she do wrong.

Mavis falls off the wagon. }); is beyond that, but he clearly wants to make up for lost time. Amid the secrets and lies, Jacob confronts Charity while Sophia makes a discovery. I think Denver is where he was…), Settle in, #Greenleaf is about to start! Lady Mae just casually lets it slip in that Grace isn't the Bishop's daughter, thus welcoming what has been the quietest dinner moment in 'Greenleaf' history. She cannot believe that for all of his antics that Kerissa endured over the years, Jacob cannot forgive Kerissa for the one time she got entangled. “Boys will be boys,” Grace says, “even at 24.” That was a nice moment. Judee aine trying to hear all that and wants to get affectionate with Phil but he blocks her. },false) Later, Noah recalled that on the clan’s first Sunday in the soon-to-be-demolished church, Grace had lost her virginity to him. Back at the main house, Lady Mae lit into Bishop for asking Grace for a handout. Gigi has a hard task to complete as well. Mayoral candidate Skip Leonard asks for Jacob's backing. Jacob says she is doing good work, but Lady Mae points out that the Greenleafs have been doing good work for 40 years. From last week’s episode, they plan to tell him in front of a child psychologist. Jacob recalls how much his mother put him through for cheating on Kerissa. Greenleaf season 5 episode 6 is poised to arrive on OWN this Tuesday, and you better believe that this is going to be all sorts of messy. What a traitor Connie is. Jacob sets limits with Tasha. After making sure that Winkie is not in Jacob’s suite, she tells Kerissa that she wants her out of the house (as long as she has it anyway…). },false) He tells Tara that he did not make the call that led to Darryl James being in the church the night of the fire. “Jesus, He never built a temple,” Tara noted. After 20 years, you came home. Touche, Jacob although I still think he is wrong to not forgive Kerissa for her entanglement while he was a straight philanderer. ga('ads.send', { Lady Mae praises her daughter telling her, “That was beautiful.” I’m glad that Lady Mae is forgiving Charity for her lack of allegiance to the family at a critical time. You’ve lived a lie for 40 years, and you’re still living it. if(document.querySelector("#ads")){ She mentions Mark 11:25, Romans 3:23 and John 8:7 which all suggest that you should forgive even if you can’t forget. Remember? Wait, when the heck did AJ become the voice of reason?!? "And be sure you know what you're talking about before you say a word against her." “Daddy is counting on you.” Phil, on the other hand, can’t shake it off as easily, particularly as Charity said that H&H won’t make it past Calvary by Tuesday. The episode kicks off with the Bishop learning that Rochelle isn't as villainous to the authorities as before. Mac is drawn to a neglected young neighbor. 0.

In other places, families came together once again to offer comfort. Rochelle reveals a story about her past that leads Grace to investigate. As she storms out, Charity tells Phil she is going to pray for him. Phil shows his hand, and James confronts Connie. He says, “I want to go with him.” I’m not really surprised though because boys typically want to spend more time with their father as they mature. “What you did was unproductive,” Phil says. “What did I ever do to make you think I was capable of murder?” he says. Kerissa has her first day as first lady.

Explore an array of unique competitions, from the quirky to the bizarre, and meet their passionate communities in this docuseries. Jacob asks Basie about a mysterious source of income on Triumph Church's books. 0.

Stay out of it.” What happened to Darius?!!! Our recap of Season 5, Episode 7, of 'Greenleaf' — the penultimate in the OWN series — reveals who dies. A little while later, he whispers to Lady Mae, “give her the house if you want to.”, WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! eventAction: 'click_ads' OWN's Greenleaf Gets Final Season Premiere Date — But Also a Spinoff.

After tensions with Kerissa come to a head, Tasha confides in her. Blood is thicker than water, and you can’t drink blood…unless you’re a vampire I guess…, Anywho, Bishop doesn’t plan to be there when Tara gets there as he is heading out to meet a building inspector at Mavis’ old club.

Mae's attempt to reconcile with Mavis backfires. She’s such a force, right?

Instead, Fernando, Kerissa’s lover,  drives up and offers to take her to see Darius. He replies, “How much do you have?”. #Greenleaf pic.twitter.com/xeWgDaBbrc, A short time later, Bishop and Lady Mae return to the mission and intend to do just that. “He was one greedy white man bleeding everyone dry.” The funny thing about this is that Bob is still using a black face to get what he wants. He tells his grandson that some have turned “religion into a rule book” when it isn’t. ‘WOW, GUESS I CAN READ A ROOM’ | When Lady Mae visited Tara, she challenged the younger woman’s modest ambitions. But Jacob tells her that if procreation only happened between two perfect people or a perfect union, everyone would have “stayed in heaven with the angels.” Amen. Something crazy is gonna happen for sure with him around. Just then Jacob interrupts them. In another part of the house, Karine tells Charity that Phil and Judee are taking selfies with a wrecking ball that is already on the Calvary campus, although the demolition is scheduled for two days later. That’s why I never post anything on the Internet that I wouldn’t mind being there forever because that is typically what happens. Rochelle hides an ulterior motive for cozying up to James. “They just… wanna see how it works,” he theorized, “’cause they don’t know.” In response, Bishop ushered AJ into a nearby garage, where he revealed a box full of parts to build a ’64 Pontiac GTO. But if he wants to play rough, game on.” I knew it. Upon learning of Jacob's infidelity, James makes administrative changes. The truth comes out, but the Greenleafs' troubles are far from over: Charity spills, Kerissa cuts a deal, and A.J. “New York City has a tradition of welcoming young, independent women into its bosom.” That’s true. }); What a dismal episode, right? She says, “This is not Consecration Sunday!” She laughs a little but then she does take him up on his offer. She walks in with Phil’s father Yusef. But A.J.

She reaches the man, who is wearing a beanie and playing some sort of board game with other people, like at a home or something. Bishop is supposed to getting a physical especially since he’s been somewhat forgetful lately. A hurt Jacob and enraged Kerissa try to come to terms.

document.querySelector("#google_image_div").addEventListener('click',function(){ Mae engages both friends and foes at a party, but Kerissa has plans of her own. She used herself.” He says the two were involved in predatory lending. As the Greenleafs chowed down on enough brunch to feed 12 apostles for, like, 12 years, AJ observed Jacob and Kerissa fighting and remarked to his grandfather that there were some people who liked to break things apart. James and Mae invite lottery winner Clara to dinner. Despite being out in the open, Phil still sees his father in the wrong as Judee calls all of this Satan's work. Grace tells Darius a haunting secret. “We both missed the mark,” Kerissa says. Bishop expected to be sad to walk through Calvary one last time, but that was not the case. Meanwhile, AJ accused Sophia of having “no balls” for not wanting to return to Hampton. AJ gets mad that Grace is talking his condition. “She said she didn’t know Rochelle was back from Mexico. If you keep reading, you’d better pray for the wisdom not to come at us for telling you what happens. The second will in which Loretta Davis gave the home to the Greenleafs supersedes the first will, but the court of public opinion may render a different decision. Rochelle tells him that he can keep denying the truth, but the fact that his life is now in  shambles is proof enough that something is amiss in the spiritual realm when it comes to him. She also inquires about how long Tara has been in the building and Tara says two years. “It’s for the best,” she tells Phil as they relax at his home. I wonder how many acres they own? She then attempts another way to get at her. “I had nothing do with that fire.” Do you believe him? For me, that’s not the case especially at the beginning of his or her career. Greenleaf : Saison 4 (Bande-annonce) Greenleaf : Saison 3 (Bande-annonce) Greenleaf (Bande-annonce) Greenleaf : Saison 2 (Bande-annonce) Greenleaf : Saison 2 (Récap) Épisodes Greenleaf. It’s time to break out A.J. “That might have been the quietest dinner that table has ever seen,” says Charity. Since Jacob told her that Kerissa is using the will to blackmail Jacob and by extension his parents, she has to get Kerissa told.

From the very second Rochelle was introduced again into the story proper at the finish of the earlier episode, there was unrest inside the ‘Greenleaf’ fandom and for good measure. Jacob is a male chauvinist hypocrite for that, right? You’re a Greenleaf. Kevin gets in the way of Charity's career. And of course Grace and Charity are there.