| Your Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes online newspaper . That’s what I saw in what you did: the throwing of the knife, the rifle shot, the harm done to Mamy.

In 1989, Thériault was arrested for assault after Gabrielle Lavallée had fled the commune again and contacted authorities, effectively dissolving the Ant Hill Kids. Thériault formed the cult in 1977 in Sainte-Marie, Quebec with the goal to form a commune where people could freely listen to his motivational speeches, live in unity and equality, and be free of sin.

After visiting a doctor about his stomach ulcers in 1971, Roch was advised to undergo surgery to have them removed, a procedure that was fairly common at the time. He broke Gisele’s ribs with a pair of steel toed boots, sliced Claude’s arms open with shards of glass, pulled 11 of his teeth with a pair of pliers and had one of his wives break Claude’s legs with a sledgehammer.

Roch Theriault was released from prison in February of 1984 and greeted with open arms by his devout followers.

This was enough to convince Roch that the best idea for his small group was to move out of the City and after the retreat was over, in October of 1977, he encouraged them all to follow him down to Sainte-marie in the Beauce region of Canada, 65km south of Quebec. During his prison sentence, the group moved to Quebec, renting four apartments allowing them to be close to their leader, the police burnt Eternal mountain to the ground. In February 1979, when the apocalypse did not occur, people started questioning Thériault's wisdom, but he defended himself saying that time on Earth and in God's world were not parallel, and that therefore it was a miscalculation. I wish to be a true servant to you, my Master. Thériault converted from Catholicism to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and began practicing the denomination's regular holistic beliefs which encouraged a healthy lifestyle free of unhealthy foods and tobacco. Veer was unsurprisingly not invited. Roch Christened the patch of wilderness that would serve as their home until the end of the world as “Eternal Mountain”.

Thériault, a self-proclaimed prophet under the name Moïse, founded the doomsday cult in Quebec based on Seventh-day Adventist Church beliefs.

Roch Thériault (né le 16 mai 1947 mort le 26 février 20112) est un dirigeant de secte et criminel canadien. I am going to talk to you about the last fit of anger that your Master exercised through you.

After his bouts of violence, Roch would cry and beg God to stop using him as a tool to implement the Lords Justice, in a letter from Solange, we can see just how effective this was for his followers who were now so down trodden, they actually felt the beatings atoned them for their sins. They suggested that they should collectively rent a house in Quebec but Roch had other ideas. He stopped short of marrying Maryse grenier, the wife of Jacques Gigier who had still not warmed to him and whom he despised all the more for it.

Roch was quite the man of medicine and he demonstrated this further, wehen in the fall of 1988, Solange fell ill. Roch diagnosed her with some kind of Kidney ailment and diagnosed immediate surgery.

Il est retrouvé mort dans sa cellule du centre correctionnel vers 9 heures, le samedi 26 février 2011. He told the doctor that Solange had died, however in this version of events, it was from a spontaneously erupting vein rather than Rochs failed surgical hash and Groesbeck reassured him that it was not his fault. I don’t know what to think about everything and the meaning of my actions. He was given a small wood stove, 24 bottles of home brewed beer, two hens, a rooster and one meal per day. Amazon – The Cult Files (Chris Mikul) – More of a compendium on a bunch of cults that gives a brief overview of each, though the Ant Hill Kids section is detailed enough and has a bunch of other interesting cults to read about too. (n.d.). Four days later however, the Quebec Newspaper published an article titled “They are Happy and free to leave if they wish”, which included an interview with Jacques Fiset, the recent deserter. Retrieved March 2013, from, Kovalchik, K. (2010, February 16). Roch Thériault convinced Alex Joseph to perform a postmortem marriage by proxy for himself and Solange, to make “official” what he had only recognized for himself.

Amazon – Savage Messiah (Paul Kaihlah, Ross Laver) – Good book detailing the ins and outs of The Ant Hill Kids. Thériault, 63 ans, aurait été victime d'une agression durant la nuit[6].

Roch of course, being the only English speaker in the group, their isolation would be absolute. One can see the obvious trend that the group was made up mostly of young women who found Roch to be charming and Roch himself enjoyed the attention his position garnered. A sentiment which aside from his three most devout wives, will most likely be shared by many. When the police showed up to remove her, Roch simply denied them access and saw them on their way. Roch established a hierarchy amongst his wives, and Maryse who had never fully given in to the group, still tagging along for her husband’s sake, was bottom of the pile.

Sect of roch Thériault - Cults. This quickly proved too much for Francine, who left him as his woodworking business ran into the ground.

Roch Thériault is most dangerous cult in the history.When you think of cults, there are probably a handful that come to mind: Heaven’s Gate, People’s Temple, the Manson Family, and depending on what side of the fence you err on, Scientology.Reflecting on the older cults, they’ve been responsible for some seriously vicious and disturbing events. [6] The Ant Hill Kids raised money for living by selling baked goods, and members who did not bring in enough money were also punished.[7].

As a child Thériault was considered to be very intelligent, but dropped out of school in the 7th grade and began to teach himself the Old Testament of the Bible.

That same night, Roch decided that Maryse son, one of the outsider children needed to be circumcised, using a blade and a 94% ethanol solution for sterilization, he took it upon himself to see the job done, at the same time, he administered the ethanol solution orally to the infant as an anaesthetic.

Thériault's fear of the end of the world grew, claiming that God had warned him that it would come in February 1979, and used the commune to prepare for it.

Gabrielle’s autopsy later returned no evidence of foul play. Il est incarcéré au pénitencier de Dorchester, au sud de Moncton (Nouveau-Brunswick)[4]. Veer was found not guilty, by reason of insanity. Gabrielle, the groups nurse examined him and once he was judged fit, Roch permitted him to stay in the storage shed. Members of teh group protested, parroting the story that Veer himself had beaten Samuel to death, but police went ahead and arrested Roch, Jacques Giguere and Maryse Grenier. I would have liked to have talked to you yesterday evening but I think it is preferable to write these things down rather than saying them for fear of talking too much. MacDonald had stabbed Thériault in the neck with a shiv, walked to the guards' station, handed them the weapon, and proclaimed "That piece of shit is down on the range. If anyone gave him any reason to feel aggrieved, he made them stand naked outside, come sun, rain or snow. Veer had met Roch in “L’hopitale Robert Giffard” and read about Roch in the media. Il punit un disciple qui maltraitait l'enfant en l'émasculant, forçant l'un de ses fils à assister à l'opération[4]. Roch was wholly unimpressed by this outcome and took Jacques aside and suggested Veer be castrated. [12][13][14] MacDonald pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison, having already been serving a life sentence for a previous murder charge. The world did, unfortunately for Roch, not end. Il continue à rencontrer certaines de ses « épouses » desquelles il aurait eu une trentaine d'enfants[4]. They rented a two story house together and opened “The Healthy living Clinic”, an alternative medicine venue that used their connections with the Adventists to sell Organic food, holistic literature. One of Thériault's wives left a newborn child, Eleazar Lavallée, outside to die in freezing temperatures to keep it away from the abuse. Thériault received a life sentence, which he was serving when he was murdered at Dorchester Penitentiary in 2011. It all sounds so idyllic, but the reality was from from it.

These "surgeries" included injecting a 94% ethanol solution into stomachs, or performing circumcisions on the children and adults of the group. Matthew Gerard MacDonald, un Terre-Neuvien de 60 ans, est accusé du meurtre de Roch Thériault le 6 mai 2011[7]. Fortunately a saviour was on the way, in the form of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a religious sect that Roch had become interested in and quickly converted to from his Catholic upbringing he so hated. They lived in the French-Canadian area of Saguenay, Quebec, Canada. Bizarrely, the county coroner Al Lacket judged the baby to have died from SIDS, however the local Children’s Aid Society took note of this and began watching the compound very closely. Roch convinced Gisele to convert to the Adventists and the members of the group studying at college to promptly drop out, after all, what use is an education when the end of the world is so near? Thériault converted from Catholicism to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. On the morning of January 26th, 1985, Gabrielle left her five month old infant outside in -10 degree temperatures, lying in a wheelbarrow where he promptly froze to death. Here's the knife, I've sliced him up. Jacques was sentenced to 5 years, Chantal 2 years and Nicole 18 months prison.