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    The real estate industry already invests heavily in apps and software. Look for the “3D Home” icon on a listing to take a virtual tour. We obviously think highly of this specific app, but Updater is the only solution for brokerages to help their clients complete their moving tasks with ease. (n.fill="#6F459B",n.stroke="#5B2E91"):(n.fill="#71bf44",n.stroke="#538c32"))),n},getSingleEntityTypeAndID:function(e){if(e){var t,r;return e.listing?(t=7,r=e.listing.id):e.propertyID? The best apps for real estate agents and brokers all make your to-do list easier.

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    No more risk of misplacing the seller’s keys! Real estate apps combine real estate knowledge and technology in a convenient format that is easy to use. It’s not just for personal finance anymore. {protocol:r[1]||location.protocol,host:r[2]||location.host,hostname:r[3]||location.hostname,port:r[4]||location.port,pathname:r[5],search:r[6],hash:r[7]}:null},isiOS:function(){return/iPad|iPhone|iPod/.test(navigator.userAgent||navigator.vendor||window.opera)&&!window.MSStream},isAndroid:function(){return/android/i.test(navigator.userAgent||navigator.vendor||window.opera)},isChromeiOS:function(){return/CriOS/i.test(navigator.userAgent||navigator.vendor||window.opera)},isWebView:function(){return/wv/i.test(navigator.userAgent||navigator.vendor||window.opera)},isHSPuppeteer:function(){return/HSPuppeteer/i.test(navigator.userAgent||navigator.vendor||window.opera)}},o.path={getImageUrl:function(e){var e=e||"";return t.imageRootPath+e},getJSUrl:function(e){var e=e||"";return t.jsRootPath+e},getHandlebarUrl:function(e){var e=e||"";return t.handlebarRootPath+e}},o.brokerage={originateUrl:function(e){var t,r;if((null===e||void 0===e?void 0:null===(t=e.url)||void 0===t?void 0:t.input)&&(r={url:"".concat(e.url.input),withBrokerageID:!1},e.queryString)){if(e.queryString.brokerageid)return r.withBrokerageID=!0,r;Object.keys(e.queryString).length&&(r.url="".concat(r.url,"?