Not gospel. Obviously the only way to fix my problem is the ability to change programming. where 0 ≤ X ≤ 9 The ECU doesn’t use a different map when you mash the pedal (although some will use different parameters at WOT) and mashing the pedal is all these devices do. PROVE ME WRONG! Outbackjoe There is no bus to the throttle position sensor. Because when you push the pedal the ECU undertands and accepts this movement as a button beig pressed: you reach the full acceleration capacity in a instant… the device does eliminate the lag… You wrote your article without even testing it… Someone sent you a free product and you waited 1 year to test it… and now you claim to have tested the device but 3 months have passed without your “review”… You are one of those guys that just can,t lose or accept your defeat, aren’t you???? I personally didn’t believe the claims of change after looking at the specs and the voltage delivery statements.. but my brother purchased one for his 2008 Hilux 2.5L TDI, so I decided to check it out myself, after hearing his claims that the responsiveness felt more like the older cable driven throttles that had a 1:1 response to pedal travel. So i put it back to normal and so not to fool myself actually uninstalled it and then dumped the accelerator to the floor. Don’t just jump on the band wagon. But my explanation should be obvious to most people. lmao….sounds like Brokies Energy Polariser…..which uses crystals and magnets to align molecules of the car. As I said, many people resort to foam pads or try and lock their foot to the firewall to prevent this inadvertent throttle movement. 32 Posts . Anything that indicates otherwise is a problem. Those who know how to drive (who have actual on track racing experience in open wheel cars), would know that half a second will only slow you down. A sprint booster’s only interface to the vehicle is the throttle position. I have not increased my fuel consumption to any noticeable degree. My 17 year old daughter, who knows nothing about cars and just learned to drive noticed when she drove a cable throttle vehicle for the first time. Here’s a fact. I doubt sprint booster manufacturers have performed detailed analysis of the accelerator pedal position transducer failure modes and how the ECU software detects and handles those failures. No, it does not make the vehicle more powerful overall. The companies I see selling them all have a 30 day warranty so a person could send it back just like you stated. Haha this is hilarious yeah sprint booster marketing video clarifies everything thanks for that. With the Throttle tuner (TT) at full setting, the butterfly opened visibly/noticeably faster.. not drastically but an increase none the less. I thought I just posted it but I don’t see it up yet, and there’s no notice of it being delayed for review before publication.) I’ve been debunking and ridiculing devices like the Pedal Commander and iDrive for years, often to no avail. Always. No wonder having this device is like added features to your Cruise Control which work on the same kind of physics. Now you can say that it in their head as well.. but then that would also mean 1/4 mile stats and data loggers help perpetuate the placebo effect. Hey northernpar thanks for your explanation, some good points. There are endless examples. Only a consumer sucker of the highest caliber could do that. Whether people describe a sprint booster as a “proportional controller” or talk about “digital setpoints” or “controller gain” or “ramp up” or “tuning” is irrelevant. yes, it makes the lag shorter, and yes, it accelerates more than just stepping further. It saturated pedal position at 100% at around 50% pedal travel. Idiotic. As we are all relatively conditioned in terms of how we drive out vehicles (think how things feel different when you change cars) then this could absolutely feel that the sprint booster is making the car accelerate faster however the truth is simply that the output from the throttle pedal reached a higher level over the same length and time of pedal travel. With the sprint booster, the driver has lost precision in throttle control. A fly by wire throttle is simply a voltage signal. It came out the same every time. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Even vendors that sell blanking plates admit it. But I’m not sure if that’s even how transmissions work or if it’s just bullcrap made up by people explaining non-existent advantages of their wasteful purchases. Sprint booster increases rate of change which might pose a problem for your suggestion. Change ). This article won’t change. I’m a road racer. Part of the increase in speed from the sprint booster is filtered out. I really wonder whether Sprint Booster could achieve this. IT IS NOT TURBO LAG SLOWING YOU DOWN BUT THE DELAYED RESPONSE THROUGH THE MONDERN DAY ACCELERATOR PEDAL ASSEMBLIES. Even a couple of % is noticeable. I found that, over time, by adjusting the setting to match the desired engine response gave me the best results. First thoughts are just as every sane person here has been saying all along….unreal!!! It takes the signal from the pedal and outputs a modified signal to the engine management. Hysteresis means dependant on its history, or dependant on where its come from. So, what are we left with. I am yet to tow the excavator behind it but feel very confident that pulling out into traffic will not be an issue any more. It will take time for them to re-learn how to drive with the sprint booster turned off. 4. for the Dyno test, I returned the pedal to its original foot controlled operation. Sprint booster cannot change ECU software. The normal ‘dumb’ human can’t . There isn’t a single person here who have used it and said it doesn’t work. My conclusion is that a sprint booster is just a voltage amplifier that alters apparent pedal position. many continentals have quite a sluggish throttle response. What about the fact that in fast mode your speed variability must increase on the highway, since the smallest adjustment you can make with your foot now translates to a larger change in speed. Useless information. My truck has much more lag. Hey Jono yeah they could do something like that, although contrary to the testing in the article linked to. But then again, ignorance is bliss. Does anyone need a sprint booster for Nissan Sunny 1.6 Saloon? Try one out and see if you like it. Did you not read the very first thing at the start of this article? WoW! I own a modified Nissan 370z. Thise of you here researching etc…if you experience a lack of instant power when you push the pedal just go out on and buy a controller. It’s flawless logic and is a great contribution to this article, really helping us understand what is going on. I have a friend that has one fitted to his VF Commodore and his tuner put it on a dyno and told him that the controller on sp11 literally flips it open very rapidy and economy mode very slowly. Same as sprint booster, since a sprint booster’s only interface to the ECU is accelerator pedal position. But at a loss in smoothness. To each his own I guess. Its no different. He will know the correct amount to push the throttle to get the most amount of traction when racing. Hey Kenny cheers for your friendly comment. Does the sprint booster vendors provide a list of vehicles that already have a pretty linear profile where the benefit is not there? The mere fact that you do not own or have even tried one negates the whole article. My experience suggest you might have come to a different conclusion. Depending on just how intelligent this is could also have an effect on the actual throttle body position particularly where a more rapid increase in input signal is experienced. This tells me you have a bias, coz you’ve been trained that buying stuff is good, and you need to validate your buying. I’m glad everyone understands now. I want to understand the physical process behind the delay. However, I feel the JKs just have way too much accelerator pedal travel space, probably as they were designed for more ‘soccer mom’ consumers. People perceive improved response with a sprint booster but, if they desired that response without the sprint booster, all they had to do is operate the accelerator pedal aggressively. Everyone’s happy. Hi OBJ, In this case i agree that a faster foot could replicate a sprint booster but a faster foot cannot replicate the effects of both a sprint booster set to max AND a faster foot. I think one thing driving these products is people don’t like to put the pedal to the metal. Engine management may filter the incoming voltage signal to make the throttle control smoother. what exactly does a sport button do differently in terms of results in the response? On road, with my vehicle at least, drivability has been substantially improved and, as I said in my review, I would not be without it anymore as the improvement is so significant. In this case, John is correct in that pedal box increases performance of the driver regardless of whether ECU delay is bypassed or not. If it works I will report back on my experiences, if it does not prove effective with this lag I will also report back (and send the unit straight back). That 0.5 seconds IS A big delay to those who can race cars (go and see if you can race a pro Mazda open wheel car. Humidity was just about the same with about a 5-10 degree fluctuation for equivalent times. What the sprint booster does depending on what setting you use, it takes away that predetermined setting so it’s more like having a throttle cable again. So the sprint booster doesn’t add HP but it lets you get the blades open faster and at 100% so you get all the HP you paid for, without standing on the gas pedal for 10 seconds. Is it a safety thing? I just explain how it works and the advantages and disadvantages. No… No it does not. Also, filtering removes information. Who cares if one person does not agree with you or a 100? Feel free to correct me here. It’s about being happy. As an indicator of how strongly people want to confirm, consider these two points: Consumers are inventing their own advantages to validate their spending, even though it is contrary to the manufacturer. That’s clear to me. And I prefer spending less money on gizmos and more money on things that make me happy like exploring nature with friends and family. A hysteresis delay or lag means a phase shift between the input and the output, but there is no time delay. I’ll take down the article immediately. Your ability to make small changes to throttle is compromised, yielding an amateur like driving style over rough terrain. Yeah no doubt shift patterns can change. In economy 7 mode you can push your foot to the floor and takes off like a granny does…slowly. so the SB will help in this area.