UL Flammability UL94: VTM-2, V-2. The surface energy or dyne level of a polycarbonate material is an indication of its ink adhesion and wettability. Solve all fogging problems for your product,best solution with our anti fog ebook. Screen printing’s versatility and cost-effectiveness, specifically in manufacturing setups, guarantee it continued use regardless of some progresses in digital printing. Two lamps are often better off than single since a two-lamp set-up offers more total energy at similar lamp settings and conveyor speed. From limited-edition decorative screen printing to mass industrial image replication.

Design goes direct to press from the computer, no plates.

If it is your first attempt on screen printing on polycarbonate sheet or film, experiment with a waste paper prior to the actual printing. Bayfol® UV Resistant Film– UV-1 7-2 is a UV resistant polycarbonate film. Polycarbonate films have exceptional impact strength, weatherability and thermoformability.

Placesheavier, rich colors on reverse frameworks. Home › Products › Printable Plastic Films › Printable Polycarbonate Film. In addition to its substrate, color palette, and size restrictions may need often costly equipment and software updates. Basically, the surface of the film can be modified to match pretty much any texture you want, whether you’re looking to create a very smooth even look to a rough or matte surface. The number of stations to select when deciding what serigraphy machine to purchase depends on the volume of work and material you print on. The material brings together an optimal combination of optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. Manual screen printing press is the common starting point for majority of beginning printers and small-scale screen printing businesses. 10mil reverse-printable polycarbonate film with an embossed face for scratch resistance.
This type of large display format film can help businesses and organizations share marketing, branding, or promotional messages on a large scale. Plasticizers on the surface act as contaminants that possess the capability of lowering the surface energy of the polycarbonate surface. Utilizes a different silk screen for every color printed. To commence screen printing on polycarbonate materials, get the equipment needed; You should carry out all the procedures outlined below in black or pitch dark room. Treatment, increases the dyne level of specific film, though momentarily. You are able to match any color since the ink is custom blended for every task. When you buy high-quality machine,to begin with, it will be really difficult to get rid of it. Questions? Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price."

Other uses include: interior automotive applications, security & ID card films, touchscreen films, printed electronics, medical packaging, outdoor labels, and more.

With technological advancement, printing companies have moved from the customary silk screen printing method into a generation based largely around digital devices. Regardless of the type of screen printing machine you own, there is some fundamental equipment that you will need. Ensure that whichever press you acquire, it is a pleasure for you to work on since you will be spending most of your time printing with it. Curbell offers conversion services which include: Values may vary according to brand name. Performance additives and pigments also make part of the inks’ ingredients coupled with q photo initiator. The stiffness of the film makes it easy to slide into display boxes or to make panels for rigid tradeshow displays. Place down the polycarbonate sheet or film you want to print and put a square piece of cardboard below it. However, if you are truly serious over beginning a polycarbonate screen printing venture, you may go straight and purchase an automatic screen printing machine. It is better than other printing technologies.

You can run a fan over the screen to fasten the drying process. Polycarbonat Film - Polycarbonat Makrofol und Bayfol Polycarbonatfolien (ähnlich Lexan Film) sind durch das Berufs Plastics Website.