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Do you want to research connection speed for Pioneer Wireless Network?'s Download Speed Test and Upload Speed Test log connection information to allow users to research real world Internet speed test results. Service Areas. *Accuracy not guaranteed. So you can easily average speed test results, compare maximum speeds and research logged results for Pioneer Broadband. Speedtest measures ping (latency), download speed and upload speed. Pioneer provides High-Speed/Fiber Internet, Cellular, Security, Digital TV & Home Phone services for residential & business customers in Western Oklahoma. Call your provider and threaten to switch providers if they don't stop throttling your internet. © 2014 - 2020 BroadbandNow | BroadbandNow is a registered trademark of Centerfield BBN LLC. DOM: sec | We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Alas, steady internet is rarely our reality, and in many areas, monopolies or duopolies of Spectrum, AT&T or other local providers make it hard to just switch companies. We offer high-speed internet with signal stability and around-the-clock customer support — all at reasonable prices. Internet Service That Fits Your Life. How to fix bad Wi-Fi, The best Wi-Fi extender for almost everybody. No rants will be accepted. When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning.

Pioneer Communications is a leading internet service provider for Southwest Kansas. Pioneer Communications offers service in 1 state. In addition to fiber broadband, Pioneer also offers cable and DSL internet service.

The Pioneer speed test at displays the measure for key factors in your internet connection which is inclusive of download test, upload test, jitter test, latency test, wifi speed test and ping test.  Reviews. A VPN can't solve a bad connection or other reasons behind your slow service, but it can mitigate throttling from unscrupulous ISPs. Fiber Areas : Fiber available, In ... Pioneer Service Area - Dibble. Namely the Internet route itself. is not a best case scenario connection test and will test your Internet under real world conditions. Next, test your internet speed somewhere like or

Luckily, there's a solution to some of these problems: the virtual private network. Before publishing, we closely cross-examine reviews for red flags associated with biased sources. With household averages and broadband demands changing rapidly, each household now has at least 10 to 12 devices connected to the internet at all times. Across their coverage footprint, the average latency on Pioneer Internet Internet speed tests is 6.19ms. Your best chance of finding Pioneer Communications service is in Kansas, their largest coverage area. It is a Cable provider, which means they deliver service by utilizing the cable television lines they are already running to your home.

Each speed test is testing the individual device capability on which the speed test was run. To see more Pioneer Communications plans and offers in your area enter your zip code above.

But a VPN also hides the IP address that providers use to identify you, so if your speed test with the VPN is faster than without the VPN, that may mean your ISP is targeting your IP address for throttling.'s speed test database stores information on millions of Internet connections. So you can easily average speed test results, compare maximum speeds and research logged results for Pioneer Wireless Network. Compare the results to the same test when your VPN is active. This determines the ISP for which the map will be drawn. Luckily, we've done that work for you already. Compare the results to the same test when your VPN is active. You can also find Pioneer Communications in and many others. Network latency: 0.0 msec round trip time. Check out our suggestions here: Test My Download Speed Test My Upload Speed, Other speed tests, especially tests offered by your Internet provider try to eliminate routing factors. While the brand reviews on are well researched and every attempt is made to keep the information up to date, limited access to relevant information may cause. Even if you find out your provider is throttling your internet, there may not be much you can actually do.