Even before the attempted exchange, Zeke got visions of his “death,” which we assumed were from his first death, but eventually figured out that it was a glimpse into the future from a Calling that would lead him to Cal. When the scientists, the great minds of the world, come to do their materials testing and discover that this is the identical plane part, that is going to reignite global scrutiny and also global fears of Flight 828 and its passengers. They are both well-intentioned. In addition to that, they also toss her the fact that Jared copied Michaela’s case files about the passengers. If that's the same plane part, what does that say about the passengers of 828? Michaela and Zeke thought they had limited time together.

Even as Ben and Cal come back into the picture, Olive still feels that she can count on Danny, calling him and speaking to him, even when his relationship with Grace changes due to the reemergence of Ben. As it turns out, she’s in on it too! 12 Monkeys doesn’t always ring a bell to science-fiction fanatics, but the time-travel stories that the show tells regarding love and dedication should resonate with any audience. There’s a chance it’s from a different plane. And they took the real thing to inspect? That was certainly true throughout Season 2 with Olive and her parents, with Michaela, Ben, and Grace in the final two episodes. The idea was good, but it's so slow and the relationships between the characters are so boring. The renewal restores the hope that fans will finally find out what happened to Montego Air Flight 828, which disappeared on its way from Jamaica to New York only to land five years later without any time passing for the passengers on-board. On the other hand, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) has finally busted Jared (J.R. Ramirez) with the help of her ever-trusty partner Drea (Ellen Tamaki). Series creator Jeff Rake had this to say about the tail fin, if it offers you any insight: “We saw that plane land in New York. 'Manifest' finale review: Episode 16 is confirmation the NBC show will have a 2nd season After all this while, it has been revealed the "Callings" are … Michaela meanwhile, heads to the police station and gets the entire box of meth out the evidence locker. He doesn’t attempt to replace Ben, but rather be a person that Olive can depend on for understanding and guidance. However, this seemed to be what the Callings wanted to happen. Before I even kick off my review for Manifest Season 2 Episode 13, let me just say, if the series doesn’t get renewed, I will be incredibly upset that we never found out what happened to Flight 828. Copyright © 2020 NTVB Media, Inc., All Rights Reserved, 8 Burning Questions We Have for 'Manifest' Season 3 (PHOTOS), Renewed TV Shows 2020: Find Out Which Series Will Return for Another Season, NBC Gives Major Renewals to 'Law & Order: SVU' & One Chicago, Coronavirus Shuts Down TV Production: Which Shows Are Affected? The next morning, Saanvi waits for Alex on her usual jogging routine. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number.

Or maybe it’s a plane that the survivors will board to try to defy the death date?
Season 2 opens up with the tense cliffhanger of Michaela's buddy officer in a gun struggle and she ends up getting shot barely surviving, Ben's wife Grace is pregnant, and it's revealed that the physician's psychiatrist is actually the Major trying to pry information from her about the plane On Manifest Season 2 Episode 1, Mic and Cal share a Calling that leads Ben to some missing passengers from Flight 828 and reveals more about the "death date."

Interview: Jack Messina Talks All Things ‘Manifest’ Including Bromance with Zeke and Season 3. Even though Monty’s time as a father wasn’t explored on-screen, Jordan’s standing as a good-hearted and passionate man is all the proof needed to see exactly the type of father Monty was. The government wouldn’t be reckless enough to dump the real thing in the ocean. James knows that the end goal should be to stop his son, but instead, he still pushes to save him. Did I mention we wanted answers?