It’s fun to watch and see. D.C.: It couldn’t be anything else but that, you know. I'm just a huge fan of the show.". Fittingly, Jason reps The Bad in a bold saturated red, which was banned by Mann in season one for the obvious devil/demon association. Although, continuing his graphic t-shirt streak into the final season, Chidi wears more visual sight gags, including the cheeky "The Good Place" take on the Experimental Jetset 2001 Beatles T, which has spawned a demonic number of copies and has kind of become, well, basic (above). So we’re really keeping this guy around, huh Bravo? I was like, I cannot wait until the episode where I turn into regular Janet.

"We do often wink to something that isn't for everybody to see," says Kirston Mann. Terry Dunn Meurer guides us through the spontaneous combustions, random murders, and unexplained disappearances that still haunt her. she also appeared in the Netflix comedy series Bonding and the Adult Swim animated comedy series Robot Chicken. Another nice thing is, we’ve all known him for a while, but he loved the show before he was on it, which is always exciting. [4], After graduating from college, Carden moved to New York City. With every evolvement — which is a word I just made up, but you understand — I have been stressed out about it. I remember it was in your bud hole. I’m trying to think if they have learned, but they are so in their own little world. I need one of those. Mann drops fun behind-the-scenes details on Chapter 11 and Costume Supervisor Alexis Jacks appears on Chapter 41 to explain "greeking" the Adidas logos off Eleanor's sneakers. He has to trust the writers and the audience that we’re gonna stick with him and his choices and his acting and all of it in this character. It was just a little, little Easter egg. "His Florida version was the most exciting part, as fun as his monk costume was." but it wasn’t. Eleanor's aesthetic felt especially climactic in the finale season with some pretty fire sartorial occasions, too.

D.C.: I mean, this is gonna sound like a little hippie-dippie or actorish, but those few weeks or months or so of filming those episodes where I was Bad Janet pretending to be Janet, I was not happy.

"There are multiple versions of the costume, including, making a whole Michael thing that can fall down in one piece and sewing the whole thing together. Kim Renfro: Congratulations on the final season of "The Good Place," though it seems bittersweet to be coming up on the end of the show. And she can live in those moments whenever she wants to. But Mann's most cherished neckwear incorporates almost metaphysical symbolism with a feather theme, like the eye-catching peacock one in the pilot (above). "I think we closed the bar down — we were out pretty late. Mann also custom-built signature Soul Squad outfits to fit Carden when she flawlessly played each member in the Janet void, plus Janet Eleanor pretending to be Janet Jason. : And Mike went on to say, “We always think like that as a way to explain how the two of them make sense and how they relate: That to Janet, all human beings are essentially ding-dongs, so this relationship is really purely about emotional …”. My brain was wrong. The finale episode went over it's usual allotted time slot with a 53-minute runtime. "We all want to look cute in casual clothes." [4][7] She joined Venus Rising, a musical-comedy company, and in 2001 she appeared in Seven Hearts, a musical about friends living in San Francisco. I love playing Bad Janet but she nasty, you know what I mean? D'Arcy Carden plays multiple versions of Janet on "The Good Place."

"Get your pause and rewind button ready," Carden said in an interview with Insider on Wednesday. I had to be like, "Ted I love you, we are friends, I'm not really mad at you, we are acting," and he's like, "Thank you, yes, I need that." Carden: Oh did you get one of those?

"It was so fun — just a bunch of gals playing baseball together," Carden said. "That's pretty complicated," says Mann, who built the physical costume and collaborated with props and visual effects wizard David Niednagel (yes, the namesake of the scarf creature worn by Tahani when Chidi sees the Time Knife). Carden: Two words?