Lemmon was born on February 8, 1925, in an elevator at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newton, Massachusetts.

In 1999, he performed in the television drama Tuesdays With Morrie, for which he won an Emmy and in which he had an opportunity through his role to reflect on death. [37] In 1995, Lemmon was awarded the inaugural Harvard Arts Medal. I love it. Cowan said funeral
The Broadway production ran for 212 performances, but it gained mixed reviews. On his way to Hollywood, Lemmon worked in radio, theater and television. “Save the Tiger” was but one example. [25] Lemmon's association with Edwards continued with The Great Race (1965), which reunited him with Tony Curtis. “He still has the excitement, spontaneity, idealism and vulnerability of the new boy in town,” Champlin wrote.

He starred in over 60 films, such as Mister Roberts (1955, for which he won the year's Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor), Some Like It Hot (1959), The Apartment (1960), Days of Wine and Roses (1962), Irma la Douce (1963), The Great Race (1965), The Odd Couple (1968, and its sequel The Odd Couple II (1998), both with frequent co-star Walter Matthau), Save the Tiger (1973, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor), The China Syndrome (1979), Missing (1982), Long Day's Journey into Night (1987, for which he won a Golden Globe), and Glengarry Glen Ross (1992). “Don’t you want me to act at all?” Lemmon asked.

were sad. was nominated for eight Academy Awards.

Marge Champion, famed dancer of Hollywood’s Golden Age, dies at 101. "But I have been able to get films that have worked, not only at the box office, but critically and with the public, often enough so that I'm still around. He was nominated eight times Lemmon was married twice. External sites are not endorsed by CNN Interactive.

CNN's Paul Vercammen has a look back at the career of Jack Lemmon (June 28), TV Guide's Mark Schwed: Remembering Jack Lemmon, 'Tuesdays With Morrie': Winfrey produces TV film, Review: Packing up a mixed bag with 'Out-of-Towners', Pals revisit Scopes in 'Inherit the Wind', Beverly Hills considers grim warning tags for furs, A rash of remakes is hitting theaters near you, Emmys countdown: From Don King to Gia, made-for-TV nominees are a mixed bag. • Other: Two-time best actor winner at Cannes; American Film Institute Life Achievement Award; nominated for 19 Golden Globes (won five), • First film: "It Should Happen To You" (1954)

[23] It had a London run in 1987, Lemmon's first theatre work in the city, and a television version followed.

• Performed harmonica theme for "Fire Down Below" (1957).

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Aurelio Jose Barrera, L.A. Times photographer who helped paper win Pulitzer, dies. Neil Simon's play "The Odd Couple" in 1968, one of eight films he made with actor Walter Matthau.

[41] As the 1970s progressed, Lemmon increased his drinking to cope with stress. [3] He had suffered from the disease privately for two years before his death. Easing his troubles by performing, Lemmon developed comedy routines to entertain company and classmates. "He was an absolutely beautiful person," said Lemmon spokesman Warren

Lemmon was a guest voice on The Simpsons episode "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" (1997), as the owner of the pretzel business.

But it was only after he returned from Navy service as an ensign in World War II that Lemmon decided to become an actor. .

Born in an elevator in Boston on February 8, 1925, John Uhler Lemmon III grew You better the ask the old lady in Vegas with a dixie cup full of nickels.

Their association began with the gender-bending comedy Some Like It Hot (1959), with Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.

[19], His first role as a leading man was in the comedy It Should Happen to You (1954), which also featured the established Judy Holliday in the female lead. It has been a privilege to have had Jack in your life.”.

Although regarded as one of the great comic actors in the history of film, five of his seven Oscar nominations were for roles in dramas rather than comedies. An accomplished, self-taught pianist, Lemmon, among other jobs, performed in various bars.

Daniel Menaker, a venerable former editor at the New Yorker and Random House, died Monday from pancreatic cancer.

In lieu of flowers, his family requests that donations be made to the National Resources Defense Council, a New York-based nonprofit organization. . At the 1998 Golden Globes, Ving Rhames, who had just won best actor in a TV movie for "Don King: Only In America," called Lemmon -- who was also nominated in the category for "Twelve Angry Men" -- to the stage, gave him a hug and handed him the award. The face would be laughing but his eyes Director John Ford decided to cast Lemmon after seeing his Columbia screen test, which had been directed by Richard Quine. [8] His later career is said to have been affected by other bad choices, such as Mass Appeal (1984), about a conservative Catholic priest, Macaroni (1985), a tale about old Army friends with Marcello Mastroianni, and That's Life. [3][4] John Uhler Lemmon II was of Irish heritage, and Jack Lemmon was raised Catholic. Then he just had stomach surgery. Another time, he said: “The trouble is that, while my parents were great when they were apart, they were terrible together.”. The role, for which he was nominated for the Best Actor Oscar, was one of Lemmon's favorite roles.

Longtime friends also remembered Lemmon’s devotion to his family’s black standard poodle, Chloe. “From his comic turns in ‘Mister Roberts’ and ‘Some Like It Hot’ to his flawed characters in ‘Save the Tiger’ and ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ to his suddenly politicized common men in ‘Missing’ and ‘The China Syndrome,’ Mr. Lemmon has sent one consistent message to his audiences, ‘This could be you,’ ” Samuel G. Freedman wrote years ago in the New York Times. His parents’ troubled marriage also left its mark. As an intern, Barrera shot black-and-white photos of everyday moments in overlooked Latino communities, which his team felt were covered only when crime occurred. Summing up his career in a 1989 interview, Lemmon had to admit that life had, for the most, dealt him a good hand. Bosley Crowther in his review for The New York Times described Lemmon as possessing "a warm and appealing personality. Born: February 8, 1925, in an elevator in Boston, Massachusetts, Education: Graduated from Harvard with degree in War Service Sciences, • Oscar: Won two Oscars, for best supporting actor in "Mister Roberts" (1955) and best actor in "Save the Tiger" (1973). [3][8] The project was rejected by multiple studios, but Paramount was prepared to make the film if it were budgeted for only $1 million. In an acting career that spanned more than 50 years, Lemmon played “If it wasn’t for Judy,” Lemmon said, “I’m not sure I would have concentrated on films.

"Mister Roberts," in which he portrayed the comical Ensign Pulver. Jo Van Fleet and Jack Lemmon, best supporting actress and actor, March 21, 1956. Lemmon was so keen to play the part that he worked for union scale, then $165 a week. "To say one word about him would be 'beautiful.'

Lemmon was known as the "star" of the celebrity-packed, third-round telecast of the annual AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, held at Pebble Beach Golf Links each February.

Jack Lemmon, whose gift for broad physical comedy and soul-searching drama made him one of Hollywood’s most beloved and accomplished actors, has died. His final film role was uncredited: the narrator in Robert Redford's film The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Lemmon and Matthau had small parts in Oliver Stone's film, JFK (1991), in which both men appeared without sharing screen time.

Cowan. His death comes almost exactly a year after his old friend and partner in The Odd Couple, Walter Mathau, died of a heart attack. The Boston-born, Harvard-educated actor had a carefully planned career that seemed to have been ordained for fame. Lemmon felt so strongly about playing businessman Harry Stoner, a turning-point role after a series of comedies, that the actor agreed to work for scale—$165 a week—because studio executives refused to pay more than $1 million to make the film. James Randi, the magician and skeptic who helped expose Uri Geller, who claimed to bend spoons with his mind, has died at 92.
Their comedic chemistry, as contentious cronies, delighted audiences in film after film, including Wilder’s 1974 remake of “The Front Page,” the 1993 hit “Grumpy Old Men” and the 1995 sequel “Grumpier Old Men.” Their last film together was “The Odd Couple II” in 1998.

“His dog used to come on the set,” said director Friedkin.

Lemmon underwent surgery to remove an inflamed gall bladder last month and had been in … The film was a surprise hit. MacLaine, observing the director's relationship with his male lead, believed it amounted to "professional infatuation". [45] Guests who attended the private ceremony included Billy Wilder, Shirley MacLaine, Kevin Spacey, Gregory Peck, Sidney Poitier, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Frank Sinatra's widow Barbara and Walter Matthau's son Charlie.

As a child, he was frequently sick, and he underwent three serious ear surgeries before the age of 10. Having won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for Mister Roberts, he became the first actor to achieve that particular double, although Helen Hayes had achieved this feat three years earlier in the equivalent female categories.

He had been in and out of the University of Southern California/ Norris Cancer Clinic in Boyle Heights during the last few months as his condition deteriorated. He tried his hand at directing (Kotch in 1971) as well as television productions, which provided him some of his best roles in his mature years. He received an extraordinary eight Academy Award nominations, and won twice. Lemmon’s first film was director George Cukor’s “It Should Happen to You,” starring Judy Holliday.

He was nominated four times

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“My career has been full of remarkable coincidences that have nothing to do with me,” the characteristically humble actor said when he received the American Film Institute’s 16th Life Achievement Award in 1988.

But the Oscar for best actor eluded Lemmon till 1973 when he won for "Save the Tiger." could see it in his eyes. But audiences first got a glimpse of his unique well-meaning, trifle square comedy style when he played the hapless Ensign Pulver in Mister Roberts, for which he won an Oscar as supporting actor. Though first and foremost an actor, Lemmon took a turn or two behind the camera.

"I just kept getting deeper and deeper into the character's despair. In the last 50 years, it would be hard to name many actors who had more impact on American cinema than Lemmon. Except for drama and music, however, he was an unexceptional student.

It's an opinion that is shared by everybody who knew him.".

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", Billy Wilder has been quoted as saying: "Happiness is working with Jack He kept acting and getting parts until near the end. [8], During his acceptance of his lifetime achievement award, he stated that he knew he wanted to be an actor from the age of eight.

That’s not to say that Lemmon was a colorless goody-goody. The Associated Press contributed to this report, First published on June 28, 2001 / 7:23 AM. .