However, taking all this into account, kids today need as many “free play” experiences as possible to be able to develop into healthy and happy adults, to self-direct what they need to learn, to feel true excitement, to overcome their fears, and to learn to work out the rules of the world. Play also encourages language development, as children often talk aloud during their play (e.g. The desire to play and enjoy games is a natural desire in all children no matter how rich or poor their families are or how much they can move independently, hear, talk or see. Copyright © 2020 CustomWritings. Not a lot has been written on the benefits of playgrounds, which is surprising given that we spend so much time in them. Nicole Kidman says she won’t let her children have social media, Kathryn Thomas admits she felt ‘no connection’ after giving birth to Ellie. Innovation has often been discouraged, however, particularly in the latter part of the 20th century when playground equipment became standardized and corporatized. Having this in mind our school authorities have chosen a playground ideal in many respects. A playground is part of a school. It’s so much fun and exhilarating for them! This teaches them that if they do a mistake, it is not the end of the world [7]. In order to get along or to succeed, kids have got to understand and abide by those rules. Therefore, developmentally appropriate toys and materials should be designed and chosen with care, as to develop the useful skills required to prepare those children for their adulthood [4, 6]. Children learn how to navigate through the development of social and emotional skills, which increases their problem solving skills later in life [7]. Physical Development and Good Physical Exercise.
Gre issue essay pool answers example essay using toulmin model essay on biomedical engineering essay on freedom for class 9 sample future roommate essay, problem solution research essay topics essay on my favourite hobby playing badminton on of Essay playground importance waec 2020 physics essay answers. From my work, research and Play Therapy experience, I have gained a good sense of what kids need to develop their full potentials.

They can transfer the skills from the playground to real life. The first playgrounds in the late nineteenth century served as a place for children to go in overcrowded immigrant neighborhoods to get away from the harsh streets.

I’ve noticed that kids who don’t even speak the same language can get on just fine during play! Essay on your School Garden . The playground should be accessible by both disabled and normal children. As children develop, they are drawn to different forms of play which encourage their development, like rough and tumble play. It also offers them with an chance to branch out of their comfort zone, test things out, and experiment with new habits, behaviors and traits. We’ll occasionally send you promo and account related emails.

Keeping in mind that similar problems have been resolved and similar products have been designed before, which means that we should find out what is already known about the subject. Thus, further research on various aspects of the problem should be done as it will provide us with a better understanding to the problem and help us develop the conceptual design. Of course, playgrounds have changed drastically over the years, evolving in size and form. Another example of how children of all ages develop their social skills in a playground is in their creation of “games”, like catch or make-believe play, where the equipment is turned into something else (e.g. We can conclude that these skills are beneficial for those children’s education. Those activities do not only support education, but they also support children’s health; by reducing inactivity which is associated with obesity, which causes health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol [2, 3]. Some activities, climbing structures and riding bicycles, help in building muscles and increasing fitness, which makes the students healthier and more active [3]. Essays generally have three main parts which are introduction, advantages & disadvantages and conclusion so divide your content into these three main sections logically. Below are five good reasons to bring your children to playgrounds, based on different aspects of child development. My own daughter marvels at being able to climb so high on the frame or venture on the zip wire alone for the first time (whilst my heart is in my mouth)! The Poets and Writers of Turkey From Ancient Times to Today, Phonics and Alternatives for Students with Disabilities. Hook up with other Mums to share experiences and get lots of support.

See-saws give the opportunity to interact with another child and develop balance and coordination [3]. Moreover, the structure or the design of the playground should not be special for handicapped kids only. In order to be able to provide all the necessary skills required by those children in their coming up future and support their education and success. In conclusion, this background reading has provided the Alta Vista team with significant information that will aid and support the design project. Here we learn disciplines and sportsmanship. Mental and physical development is quite necessary for the wholesome development of a personality. Moreover, we will be discussing the importance of playgrounds for disabled and normal children and specifically how can playgrounds prepare children for the rest of their lives? Moreover, playgrounds can teach children how to cope when things do not work out their way, set goals, work toward a common goal and maintain their dignity [7]. But recess, and playgrounds, are just as important now as they were a hundred years ago. Furthermore, attention should be shifted to the methodologies that might be used in the development of those children’s social skills as most of those children exhibit social skills deficits.