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Healthcare stocks gained for the fourth consecutive day.Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index and South Korea's KOSPI index closed 0.60% and 0.79% lower, respectively. (*) All of the HK indices are real time. 0000005431 00000 n Stock market Hang Seng China enterprises index helps investors in managing risk involved in stock market investment. With M-marketpicks Intraday HSCEI index future signals, investors can implement strategies where they get profits from two prominent relative performing markets like HSCEI vs HSI. © 2020 Verizon Media. At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life. 0000009581 00000 n �c!��:�� $�"+EA���F��cg +�4l������s�/��A#c��V���tD����ʧ��i��u�����YLo�D.�: bğ��7Hs�y[��@�2`�R�Lٳ�� Now he has a surprising new prediction for 2020. ( ) Except for Hang Seng Index and GEM Index, each turnover of HK indices is computed by summing up turnovers of corresponding constituents. �w�@�"�5�ɨ��6@Z��(`2�_ ���f����9��m�R�W�7 �V��a+\ [���LS�WK��KL##*+w4�q� -/[��^PX�X�m���[gA�e(�`+?T_�|P�s�w'�`S�j�t��y����+,u�֜��ԣX͢��˦C+o�Y0f�)�+�T��dt��lP/T����Y�U+ļCk�uTj�F��J�{[t��^�,�٦�0�~E��F��h�1ؒzD��M�Y�F��� �;�f�P���la�� 2j���(V?x����wV�Y�G'�8�t�I7t���l0�-[�G�T��nT�s��QN����}���=�~m��Vea�#�����a���1�v�� hE)q �"z=�]���g�����W������ؼ�����G����ܟ����?.ȌZ�W��ϥBF�~^���rG��s��w��a|���Cc7���DP���!J3Mb:B4g�e�ƨ�������hO�[h�����M��|�0¢-,�g ���L���h����_��/j��.�}�:��>�4��sLw=�Ӧ��5���%�U��0�jG�v�b��}]����0ʠ��Ky�Wۺ��"��n�����h~u^�+� /�Y endstream endobj 97 0 obj <> endobj 98 0 obj <> endobj 99 0 obj <> endobj 100 0 obj <>stream c~�� �[�!��j��������6��A�}���i1"-8���Z)�\��k@�f��g�#�N�a�#d���}���C9��*v8+�¤�����]�8�I�MK���re�^�y�f[fm�.�2L�?�����Z�j4HE�� �w�~jl��,=�t�M)�&�Hu�~�C�� u�m�ݠ�=��K�'�gLKʞ9A��C'O>�0�IM!Ǖ;GN��2t�{(��DX-�SYw�M��1�V�C; �M�Y���-�w�P_s�������%��Q�Ζ�t���u�)/rKR ��m&^E= 6TW�ݡ����� ؄s���+��\NP,����I籾,a-���x��H��p0W�ڐ��Љ� �6�׆�.��9Ҁ~ /�1d"U���eA5G��#�B$��d�CxRݚ_� �XF:TN#��2Y>P2��} �e/���X��R�j2'R����"���Z����-(�:+K �y��k���O�_��!�a�� ��d0g��D�H0��� L��l���fl�}�D���������H$ ��i�c��S�0L�IY[$��-"(�&�z$&�.O��H�Ja�dE��;�� B�Bȩ��ih4��5Hh=��W6� i��%C��j��4��!��m�G�"L�1�2�5TU���[k�uV�;�yn��˱�jz�������s��Z^� 0000022536 00000 n If properly intercepted and flown, the course will take the aircraft to the chosen facility. The Hang Seng Index is a free-float capitalization-weighted index of a selection of companies from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Major U.S. indices hit the lows since June, with Dow plunging 3.43%, the S&P 500 down 3.53%, and the Nasdaq shedding 3.73%.The futures are showing respite early Thursday after most Asian markets slipped, while the European markets recovered. Also understanding that Intermittent Spark attracts carbon (which is produced by the use of dryer sheets and coats the flame sensors) and alot of us try to resurface with our carbon based sand cloth instead of steel wool. 0000013330 00000 n 0000012945 00000 n

H��W�n$�}��`Z���Wk�6p��� c�H All major sectors are trading higher as investors await unemployment and consumer price index numbers.France's CAC 40 index has gained 0.40%, while Spain's IBEX index is lower by 0.30% after the consumer price index for October fell 0.9% YoY.Forex Trading: U.S. Dollar Index futures have advanced by 0.13% to 93.535.
Benzinga does not provide investment advice. The European Union has a busy economic calendar with consumer and business sentiment data and the European Central Bank's monetary policy statement scheduled Thursday.London's FTSE 100 index is trading higher by 0.20%, driven by gains in industrial and technology stocks, partially offset by bank shares losses. ��?� /a��0�_�� �B�(�IB���4!^v���l�b�B��h�A+H�AxC�b�u�>�[3YS�ip�w�t�r�u7�/q?����k��v�v���Zm���8B�7��L�R�av��J1�2���K�H��-�>�=y�zy�zey�������n�����3�g�O� �4Lvyȷ�G�5�

0000004188 00000 n The dollar has gained 0.10% against the Euro to $1.1732, lost 0.05% against the Sterling to $1.2987, and lost 0.06% against the Yen to ¥104.23.For news coverage in Italian or Spanish, check out Benzinga Italia and Benzinga España.See more from Benzinga * Click here for options trades from Benzinga * Jim Cramer's Bullish Themes Of 'Covid-Proof' Stocks * Visa, Mastercard Earnings Hit By Lack Of Cross-Border Transactions(C) 2020 Benzinga.com. Europe: Euro Stoxx 50 benchmark is trading higher by 0.10%. G�����\�9��,,(u�sV����X�4'�@����KxHYNa�ӜP�pX��J�svi�����cJJ��`Ns���X�ȳ 0000022497 00000 n Wednesday was one of the worst days for the markets as stocks tumbled globally. \�h1N˯�Y���/�w��t�e�m_�7�yxn�nS��3*�ez~Q���;�b��F�˗��������5Q�v�^-R([�Z����b����rg��&4#^qM��J����+�_L��@�bG_�Y�_[��0�ң���܂pE~���郗:���8z���qF�N��7�����Gf�>U`m�;Xi� �N�0�7g�"?��fp"����V*�56�+�Z�[[EЄ�S�ME�ХW�bR��7w3Ƣ������3E�$�p�$�6WW2>���^�l��B�*� �Z�6w�q¯�"y�ֶ�h�yPAP���H{��F�#�����d�rE�?L���ߡH:F 8F�L��{zظ���aX�Q�����{)��{)��`VVξ%��Qb֩������l���ǘOwE�0�Q3��EJe�>��h�H��:��~[}���x�hu{��m/�0 n�=#�����>hZ�B8'S���71�R�E*���<8X-�b�r���^���qI-��+���O�$�b'v��@�|�|i'��HT�%)�{�"�z$�N�R� b�\�Al�~����14�8E(�1?\z�C)ܥ���y��>�:�����e�3������������5�E&�+͛�s���vx`'�eJ6�����Cg��X�UnQ�3x�{������S=�k����i14��輞�� �w���b���`'��T�!�ʿ��9���ˢm1�wsL40V��;��6l�篾�2>�/(�L����r�'`HV�4�5O"!w���֟L�<>K%��M9&WQ��0?u_tx�v�Pf��͂Y4=������IC7��W��l� ����v���N�3\Z�Xy~" ! 0000004827 00000 n 6��/HF$���i��l�%tJ�g�@iZ�Pޑ��TY�Fb�g#1G��$����0b�Ob���R��NԔ��\[�J�Y�:�sW��#���Qg��Z��d7�\�Pܑ�*i��_c�axd]O�/�Ce`��TZWj�n� �\r�D��l���+?����7��ST�@�AM� ���c�و:���ר��!>j�q���p�*���9+�"���r%0�8V}�m��y7�78"��?���-�dG��b�(uz(�2��O��߄=�:�R� �)̣��fL�fÃ��O�O�!h�抎�s�����J�\*� ��w��o^t��E��t%�b�Uo���6�"� � 0000009152 00000 n Find the latest information on HANG SENG INDEX (^HSI) including data, charts, related news and more from Yahoo Finance Investors will be watching consumer credit and mortgage lending data.Germany's DAX has recovered by 0.44% early Thursday after tumbling 4.17% on Wednesday. HSCEI vs HSI HSCEI vs FTSE China 50 HSI vs FTSE China 50 1 A more thorough explanation of fair value is detailed in Appendix A.
�&��j�ucV�]�A4�d�EWĈB�� �hD1�kc� ����}S�����VmuU��w�~�}�}��n�F� �H�KK�7&�Q���4-��i�-+��3�T��_Nف�����L�E@�@l����@y�>���s������(,X��fᯱ!��%sBY�rs� 90 0 obj <> endobj xref 90 22 0000000016 00000 n South Korea has a busy economic calendar on Thursday with industrial and retail data scheduled.India's Nifty 50 index is trading lower by 0.73%, on top of a 1.3% decline on Wednesday. Stock market news live updates: Stocks claw back losses after selloff, tech leads indices higher, Wall Street rebounds as market eyes tech results, strong U.S. data, BOJ cuts growth forecast but flags policy pause on recovery prospects, BOJ set to keep massive stimulus, ready to act if pandemic causes more economic damage, Discover new investment ideas by accessing unbiased, in-depth investment research, HKSE - HKSE Delayed Price. aJ���Rր

The HSI has a fixed aircraft symbol and the course deviation bar displays the aircraft’s position relative to the selected course. Bank of Japan kept the interest rate unchanged at -0.10%.Japan's retail sales fell 8.7% year-over-year in October. ���>y�JF�2��Q�����@��oH��`�Ci���Mq ���Š6]n\�*F�S*�&7�ME���Nʪe�U$wpY���#��S10��C��!T�hEɈT����I�?���=�j/� _b;��rXhhݞ�q��Ib__���!M��>���;�;