All of your monsters have 0 DEF. Be careful playing too passively in this matchup, since Evil Eye can OTK out of nowhere if the Evil Eye player is low on LP. See the “Playing Optimally with Burgeoning Whirlflame” of the guide for details. It does synergize with the Shiranui archetype in that it can be special summoned from the deck off Shiranui Solitaire’s effect. This is something one should always keep in mind when planning out their synchro climb. Rather, they discuss only a couple of combos that come up often and that a player should definitely know. because Shiras already got nerfed several times? I summon black magician with skin of afreeca. Needle Ceiling can also often do the trick because Dark Magician players tend to summon many monsters. I was just using this deck for the daily gems.

Duel Links’ Players To Get Free Gems To Celebrate Yugi’s... How to Unlock Paradox Brothers in 'Duel Links', How To Solve Each Quiz in 'Yu-Gi-Oh! Sphere Kuriboh is also excellent against Vision HERO Trinity, if he actually comes out. A Shiranui Sunsaga in DEF actually stops Lunalights cold, since they have no way to deal with him outside of battle. I'm excited for Anomalocaris, Opabina, and Toad. This subsection is here to just give some brief tips against some of the more common, though non-meta decks on the ladder. Playoffs underway in Dota 2 ESL One Germany 2020. This play sets up Shiranui Spectralsword to be used next turn from the grave, which can actually pressure the opponent into NOT destroying one’s Shiranui Samuraisaga on their turn. Reginald Kastle Unlock Event: Shark Attack - Number Appears! If this card is banished: You can target 1 face-up card your opponent controls; destroy it. On normal summon, Shiranui Squire tutors Shiranui Spectralsword from deck. The main concepts that we expect the readers to already know – beyond the basic rules of e.g. At best your opening hands should have Squire to Special Summon Spectralsword from the deck, and another level-4 monster for Level Augmentation. This gives one time to establish a board that includes Revived King Ha Des, whose effect will put a stop to Fortune Lady Every once she gets run over in battle.

Going second or later, this simple play results in a non-targeting spell or trap destruction with Shiranui Squiresaga’s effect. This is usually the correct play since Dark Magical Circle has a HOPT on its activation, so the opponent cannot activate a second one after the first gets destroyed. Note that the Blue-Eyes player has no more cards in hand after this, and so there is no threat of a second counter trap. Similar to the Blue-Eyes matchup, it is recommended to slow play if one suspects a Ultimate Providence based on the delays; e.g.

One should keep an eye out for a potential level 6 or 7 synchro summon and be ready to flip down or destroy the tuner monster before it happens. The main concern with running generic Synchro Monsters in the deck is the limited extra deck space. All of your monsters have 0 DEF. Darklords, Blackwings, and Ritual Beasts), Shiranui decks were able to fit in a sizable amount of backrow to complement their core monsters without loss of consistency. This might not be the best choice since you want to pair the Synchro monsters in your graveyard with Spectralsword and synchro climb. For instance, if one expects to see a lot of Blackwing or HERO decks in an upcoming KC Cup, then one might include copies of Needle Ceiling.

How do I choose the restart skill while in the duel? Between these two, the level 2 Shiranui Spectralsword is arguably more powerful and is the central focus of the standard, balanced build of Shiranui. Gold Sarcophagus in combination with Shiranui Spiritmaster can also be used in place of Cosmic Cyclone as a Necrovalley out. Cannot destroy monsters by battle so its mostly used for field presence, giving you powerful Tokens. Darklords, Blackwings, and Ritual Beasts), Shiranui decks were able to fit in a sizable amount of … Fortune Lady Every is often a Lightsworn deck’s main line of defense and can be annoying because of her ability to revive herself and banish one’s monster. Some of the key cards and resources to be wary of when establishing a followup: The main Turn 2 OTK option for Grass Shiranui is the 5500 ATK Shiranui Shogunsaga. Typhoon: This card is similar to Twister and can also be used from the hand, but requires one to have no backrow set to do so. Prevents your opponent from banishing to disrupt their strategy, while not affecting your own banish heavy strategy. Gold Sarco in Shiranui deck could turn into a Dark World Dealings, a Monster Reincarnation, a DDR, a Twister, or a Fissure.
In general, the idea behind establishing followup plays on your first turn is to think ahead and conserve enough GUARANTEED resources for the next turn. Other tech cards that can be great in this matchup are damage step cards like Mirror Wall, since Magician Navigation cannot negate in the damage step. Only Witchcrafter and Blackwing are strong enough to stand by its self without relying on such trap (floodgate, paleozoic, fiendish, etc.

But beware, this effect only works for normal monsters, so the head of Exodia, which is an effect monster, won’t be able to return to your hand. Duel Links does not have Shiranui Style Swallow’s Slash yet, but Ballista Squad is a pretty close substitute in both its cost and effect.

On normal summon, Shiranui Spiritmaster special summons the other Shiranui monster. Alternatively, not setting any backrow against an Ishizu player is an option so that the opponent cannot easily get the 1000 LP difference by activating a simple Cosmic Cyclone. Popular Skills: Destiny Draw, No Mortal Can Resist. The standard, balanced builds of Shiranui have the flexibility to run any skill they want, since the deck’s core cards are self-sufficient enough to get the game plan going without relying on a specific skill. Note that Raigeki Break CANNOT accomplish the same thing as Ballista Squad in the above-mentioned play. Meanwhile, negating Vision HERO Faris can stop Vision HERO Increase from coming out, which, as already stated, stops the fusion plays with Vision HERO Vyon. This is especially dangerous in combination with Arcanite Magician, since it allows him to just activate his effect to destroy any card without worrying about interruptions. One of these plays forms the basis of the synchro climb by bringing back Shiranui Spectralsword from the banished pile (via Shiranui Solitaire’s effect) to allow for another synchro summon. a Treacherous Trap Hole resolve if it means there will be a Shiranui Spectralsword in grave next turn for a follow-up play. This sets up Shiranui Samurai‘s quick effect to banish Shiranui Spiritmaster on either player’s turn for disruption. Then one can use Level Duplication and reveal the other level 4 Zombie monster in hand to make the on-board Shiranui Spectralsword level 4, leading to a level 8 synchro summon. Otherwise, the Shiranui archetype does not have any inherent ways to stop a Turn 2 HERO OTK. If they chain the Magician Navigation to Shiranui Squiresaga‘s effect, then one can instead just snipe away the Dark Magical Circle.

Board wipes from Shiranui Squiresaga and Shiranui Sunsaga can still lead to lethal with an additional monster beside Shiranui Sunsaga. Forbidden Lance has two key uses in this matchup. The permanent ATK boost is nice because it affects all your monsters, making them formidable beaters over time. Sunsaga is the reason we run Level Augmentation. Won 2 of 3 duels: this one and against a Karakuri deck.

I don't need any other deck except this. After taking 1000 LP burn damage from the drawback of Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Mist’s effect, the Blackwing player will be left at 3000 LP. Elementsaber Molehu is the more annoying threat since he can disrupt one’s synchro summons and attacks by flipping down one’s Shiranui monsters. The Duel Links Meta website is currently supported by advertisements. See the “Playing with That Grass Looks Greener” section of the guide for a replay video of this in action. This is assuming that the normal summon is not Blackwing - Kris the Crack of Dawn – in that case, one wants to wait since that card is immune to card effect destruction. This makes Masked HERO Blast an easier target for Ballista Squad than the other HERO monsters. Finally, on Zane’s Cyber Style skill, it is recommended to not attack until there is lethal, to avoid triggering the skill too early. ; Visit our Patreon page and subscribe with your Discord name for … How to beat/farm Axel Brodie Lvl 40 (Roaming Event), Blue-Eyes Synchro: deck recipe [Oct 2020], Dino Survival's End: deck recipe [Oct 2020], Number 17: Leviathan Dragon | Deck and Rulings. who the hell cares about tournaments? Cannot destroy monsters by battle so its mostly used for field presence, giving you powerful Tokens. Check out our Exodia deck in Duel Links below. Ballista Squad and Raigeki Break going first: Going first is a huge luxury vs. Check that you now have the "DLM Pro" role in the Discord server. The core of the Shiranui archetype focuses around using and recycling its key tuner, Shiranui Spectralsword, to synchro climb from the initial levels 6 Shiranui Samuraisaga and 7 Shiranui Squiresaga into the game-ending levels 8 Shiranui Shogunsaga and 10 Shiranui Sunsaga. However, some of these popular choices can be replaced with cheaper (though less effective) alternatives such as Chaos Hunter over Artifact Lancea and Forbidden Chalice or Void Trap Hole over Fiendish Chain.

DLM Pro members will also gain access to exclusive features. Paleozoic Canadia or locks her down with Fiendish Chain before Evil Eye of Selene gets equipped. This usually leaves the Ritual Beast player completely vulnerable to an OTK if one has already established Shiranui Spectralsword in grave. Thus, one usually has to stall out another turn before they can really start playing the game again. It isnt OTK oriented, its actually backrow dependant and how easily they can whip out good traps. These two cards are grouped together because they both share the Limited 3 restriction with Shiranui Spectralsword as of the July 2020 banlist. the Bring it!

Popular Skills: Balance, Endless Trap Hell, Sealed Tombs.