But now DevaCurl is mired in controversy. Earlier this week, a group of consumers filed a class action lawsuit … Here’s everything we know so far. Multiple class action lawsuits have been filed alleging the maker of DevaCurl knew about the harm its haircare products could cause, yet failed to issue a recall or warn consumers. One company's products dominate this corner of the hair care market, DevaCurl.

DevaCurl No-Poo Original conditioner, manufactured by the defendant in the suit, Deva Concepts, is marketed as a sulfate-free alternative to shampoos … The lawsuit was filed by a former DevaCurl user and now many former users are joining the lawsuit in hopes to recoup the damage they have endured.

DevaCurl, a staple in the curly hair community for making the No-Poo alternative shampoo mainstream, faced a stunning blow to its reputation in February after a group of consumers filed three class action lawsuits against its parent brand, Deva Concepts.. Many have compared this controversy to the 2015 lawsuit against hair-care brand Wen that was settled out of court and involved complaints from … A popular hair-care product has the opposite effect -- instead causing users' locks to fall out, according to a new lawsuit brought against DevaCurl by dozens of unhappy customers. So, what the hell is going on with DevaCurl? But what is DevaCurl … Everything You Need to Know About the DevaCurl Lawsuit by Johanna Ferreira February 18, 2020 Thanks to the natural hair movement, more and more women have in recent years been embracing their natural curls instead of straightening them with the help of hot tools and chemical straighteners. There are also at least 10 class-action lawsuits pending, including four in New York, in which customers say DevaCurl damaged their scalps and …

The complaints have become so widespread that, in January, two legal firms issued a call for participants in a class-action lawsuit against the brand.