Many other prime ministers' wives have taken a deliberately low-key approach. [25] They own properties in Sydney, the Hunter Valley and an apartment in Canberra.

Geoff Roberts AM was appointed as Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission in April 2020. The former Lord Mayor of Sydney, officer of the Order of Australia, businesswoman, lawyer and community advocate, Lucinda (Lucy) Turnbull, nee Hughes, was born March 30, … Turnbull relishes her work and there will be some tension if she has to relinquish more of her roles to meet the duties that come with being the PM's wife. She was an independent member of the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority, which was charged with the urban renewal and revitalisation of several precincts in Sydney, including Redfern–Waterloo. ", Turnbull says Malcolm was incredibly supportive of her studies. The two also worked together later in Malcolm's corporate advisory firm.

Turnbull, like Clinton, is a woman of emotional discipline, political nous and sharp intellect. Participe do Facebook para se conectar com Christine Hughes e outros que você talvez conheça. The comparison with Clinton nevertheless goes to a deeper question that rests on the lips of many in Canberra: will Lucy Turnbull stop at fulfilling the task of prime minister's wife or will she have a key – albeit informal – seat at Australia's top table? Prior to this, Mr Roberts served as the Deputy Chief Commissioner and Economic Commissioner from late 2015. 1985). [3] Turnbull also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management of the University of New South Wales. He adds that there are many other dimensions to a woman who could have chosen a simpler path as a tai-tai. "At the age of 57, I'm more than capable of having my own identity. She is a former politician being the first female Lord Mayor of Sydney 2003-04. "It was more of a challenge when I was a lot younger." Asked if she was referring to her own childhood, she says yes. Asthma was given as the reason for switching her schooling from Kincoppal to Frensham, a boarding school in the NSW Southern Highlands.
But she's fast to close off any criticism that remark might prompt. [13] In 2017, she was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Western Sydney University which she received for her substantial and sustained service and contribution to the University and the Greater Western Sydney region. [1] Her great-grandfather was Sir Thomas Hughes, the first Lord Mayor of Sydney. I had huge empathy and perspective for the kind of trade-offs that families have to make.". Kevin Rudd's wife Thérèse Rein is an accomplished, wealthy businesswoman but she mostly kept away from the political limelight. The book threw up an opportunity that would draw Turnbull into local government. McWilliam agrees: "Lucy doesn't believe in making noise for the sake of it. Lucy Turnbull was born on 30 March 1958, the daughter of former Liberal Attorney-General Thomas Hughes QC and his wife Joanna, nee Fitzgerald. The other was his brother Robert Hughes, the internationally acclaimed art critic whose many books included The Fatal Shore.
Many hope his rise signals an end to the brain-dead politics of recent years. "My own career is in a state of equilibrium, although the circumstances of being the prime minister's wife are very exceptional.

She may be a respected and familiar face in business, political and social circles but before September 14 she was largely unknown to the broader public.