It’s time to crown the winner of Big Brother 19! I’m pretty sure he’d slay. Yup, you heard that correctly. He seemed stunned, stating that at the commercial break he asked Marissa: “Was I the villain?”. — but Ross got his revenge when he put her up for eviction against Ariadna, with whom he secretly formed a final-two alliance. If you come into this house, you’ve got to play this game.”. Ross played, and he didn’t do it in an overly vindictive manner like Paul. TELL – ARE YOU HAPPY MARISSA WON CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER? It was a rough season, filled with backstabbing and grueling physical competitions. 'Einstein', A Gender-Swapped & Timely Take On German Police…, Empty Venues Open to Voters as Sports Wade In to Politics, Alejandro González Iñárritu Celebrates 20th Anniversary of…, Sacha Baron Cohen Makes Donation to 'Borat 2′ Babysitter Jeanise…, The 8 Best Blackout Shades for Easy, Restful Sleep, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. Maybe I’m a little too serious about this, but it disappoints me as someone who’s given up weeks of my life to play a game I love. Ross, on the other hand, while not overly strategic or pushy, says to Marissa: “We talked about this. That sucks. Eddie McGee was the winner of Big Brother 1 (US) as well as the first winner in Big Brother History. The evicted housemates engaged in scripted social media battles, with false statements deliberately thrown in, and the competition for the remaining contestants involved determining whose statements were true. EXCLUSIVE: Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles’ James Harris Reveals How He Really Feels About Fredrik, Discusses Working and Playing With Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky, and Weighs in on Tracy Tutor and Chrissy Teigen’s Selling Sunset Shade, Plus Talks Podcast. He went to play the game he loves. Ahh..celebrities, they really are just like us! It was time for the jury to cast their votes, with many of them stating that they were voting for the one that had been the most honest. In true Ross form, it was almost impossible to keep track of what he was promising throughout the night. He’d played his houseguests beautifully from day one, and now he’d convinced both Mark and Ariadna that he would do all he could to take them to the final two if he got there . His attempt at discretion was immediately thwarted by Omarosa — of course she can read lips! Oh, and P.S., from one reality competition loser to another — Ross, ring me up, boo. PHOTOS: See Inside Gina Kirschenheiter’s $659,000 New Home Where RHOC... PHOTO: Sonja Morgan Debuts Her $75,000 Face Lift! I waited over a year to hear the result I knew was coming at the end of my season. The nine evicted houseguests asked Marissa and Ross several questions about the way they’d played the game, and why they deserved to win. This HOH win cemented Ross’ place in the final four, and gave him another opportunity to oust Omarosa. Omarosa’s fate was sealed when Ross also won the veto competition and (surprise!) But after a final sudden death round, Marissa was named HOH, and secured her place in  the final two. Time for one last HOH competition among the final four. But Ross and Marissa are Big Brother super fans, and knew all along that this competition was coming. But like most things on Big Brother, Ross’ new title came with a price: He had to promise not to evict Mark McGrath, who basically handed him the HOH title by dropping out of the competition early. Host Julie Chen with first US Celebrity Big Brother winner Marissa Jaret Winokur. We headed into the tense, two hour live season … You did it. Sure, but sometimes that’s life, and that’s certainly the fun of competition reality. Welcome to finale night! Marissa and Ross had become fast friends, bonding over their love of Big Brother, and their distrust of their housemates, almost immediately. But Ross was beginning to wobble, so in a hushed voice, he began trying to bargain with Mark, promising to save him from elimination if he took the fall, and let Ross win. The CW Sets Delayed Premiere Dates for Flash, Superman & Lois, Riverdale, Charmed, Batwoman and More, Mom EP Teases Christy's Fate In Wake of Anna Faris' Departure, CBS' NCIS, Blue Bloods and Others Get Shorter Seasons Amid COVID…, Nancy Drew Spinoff Centered on Tom Swift Eyed at The CW; Iconic…. I believe he deserved it. Mark lets Ross win, and you’d think we were watching Shark Tank and not BB with all the deal talk. I dreamed about Survivor every single night. SECOND AND THIRD EVICTIONS: Mark and Ariadna. As always, the evening began with the weekly Head of Household (HOH) competition. MARISSA. Was he a bit messy in the process? (Somewhere, Steve Harvey’s mustache is twitching nervously.). And the winner of America’s vote for Favorite Houseguest? Then, Ross cuts a one-on-one deal with Mark, appealing to the softie ’90s rocker, saying he wants a letter from home. As the power shifts in the house, you have to be flexible as well. Season 2 will come to a close on Wednesday night after three weeks of drama, revived friendships, backstabs and live … After 13 episodes, in just 2 1/2 weeks, a winner was finally crowned on last night’s episode of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition! All the while, Omarosa sits on the sideline stirring the pot as usual, asking the guys to speak up so she can hear the deal and “protect” herself from it. Boy, was I ever wrong. Each player, while suspended from a harness (why must they always be in the air? They were thrilled to be the last ones standing. I have a friend for life in you. 'Celebrity Big Brother' recap: The Fun Five turns into bitter, party of two. Feel free to go wild in the comments; I can’t wait to hear what you think. She said, and I quote: “The truth is many of the things I did with Ross. That’s when Julie “made history,” announcing the first-ever winner of Celebrity Big Brother: Marissa earned six votes from Ariadna, Omarosa, James, Shannon, Keshia and Chuck, while Ross only managed to secure three from Mark, Brandi and Metta. As the others compete, Omarosa, outgoing HOH, serves as reigning ice queen over the alpine activities. The remaining four houseguests faced off in a heated game of “Hash It Out,” which gave some of their fellow evictees a chance to display their (terrible) fake texting skills, and gave viewers the unexpected gift of watching Marissa Jaret Winokur completely lose her mind on live television: Fortunately, Marissa’s panic paid off in the end, as her victory gave her the power to send two more players home. Ross explained some of the many side deals and alliances he’d forged, justifying it as all part of the game, and nothing personal. He impressed upon the jury the importance of “pivoting” in the game when necessary and “winning when your butt is on the line.” He tells fellow “super-fan” Shannon: “You have to stay true to your character in this game…You have to be able to pivot to an opening or away from a closed door. EXCLUSIVE: Selling Sunset’s Jason Sets the Record Straight on Brother Leaving Firm and Spinoff Rumors, Plus He Explains “Favoritism” of Mary and Dishes on Season Four! Look, I was truly happy Josh won BB19. No matter what, I love you.” While Ross maintains the season’s culture of nice, no-pressure, social over strategy in his statement to Marissa, it’s still clear he has a strategy and agency. Whoops, this isn’t the finale of Big Brother 19 — it’s Celebrity Big Brother! I’m just that kind of person.”. He may be appealing to Marissa socially, but that social decision is a strategic one. After all, the jury consisting of alleged BB “super-fans” like Shannon, Omarosa, and James would surely reward someone who made proactive moves, right? Ross handily wins the competition, and Omarosa is evicted per his plan. It was a season full of drama, showmances like Jessica and Cody, excessive cereal eating, and a chorus of pots and pans. Ross puts up Ari and Omarosa and then manages to win the Power of Veto Competition, “Get Your Story Straight,” in which the houseguests must associate days with major events in the house while suspended from a harness. “I just need to trust Ross that I’m not the target,” she tells us. While putting up the two women, Ross also thinks ahead to the special Final 4 HOH competition, in which the winner will take one person to the Final 2 and evict two houseguests. Our winner is…Marissa? 1] Big Brother Season 1 Winner: Eddie McGee The very first popular reality show in the USA aired on July 5 th, 2000.The show reached seventy episodes, and the Eddie McGee beat Josh Souza by the end of the season one. What was most infuriating for me was Marissa’s answer to Shannon’s question about why she should win over Ross. As the outgoing HOH, Omarosa was ineligible to take part, which left Ross, Mark, Ariadna, and Marissa to fight it out in a competition that involved keeping their balance, while suspended in the air on large, oversized “skis”. Take Our Poll! Drop a comment with your thoughts on the winner below. I’m grumpy and filled with as much righteous indignation about the result of this season as Omarosa is with White House stories, so let’s move along…. She told the jury she was genuine and impressed upon them her efforts to make friends in the house. When Marissa and Ross face the jury, questions come from several (but not all) of the houseguests, including Brandi, James, Shannon, and Omarosa. Well, that’s a wrap! After 13 episodes, in just 2 1/2 weeks, a winner was finally crowned on last night’s episode of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition! All rights In the end, Omarosa lost 2-0, and was evicted. For her part, Marissa said that she had been ”genuine” throughout the competition, and in an odd twist, gave Ross all the credit for their winning strategies. I underestimated just how fragile these celebrity egos could be — bring Ross back in a season of average Joes. And then there were two. Marissa manages to eke it out to win HOH and the power to choose who will sit beside her in the Final 2. I’ve got to say, at this point, I was utterly convinced Marissa had sealed her BB tomb. I couldn’t agree more. Some of the evictees seemed genuinely moved by the finalists’ speeches, with James revealing that he changed his original vote after hearing what they each had to say. “I have been loyal in this game. He didn’t just go on his favorite show in the world to inflate his ego. Ross Matthews! He received 59% of America's Vote after lasting 88 days inside the Big Brother House and won the$500,000 grand prize. We start the episode right where we left off — at the Final 5 HOH competition. For the first time all season, Omarosa seemed shaken. The houseguest closest to the number of seconds without going over wins.