There’s no better way to describe who we are than Country Fuzz.”. “I had the amp in the back of the bus, and when you turn it to 11, it’s loud as fuck,” he laughs. Over 11 tracks mostly recorded on the band’s bus prior to quarantine, the group celebrates the topics they know best: booze, weed, hot girls, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Cadillac Three return with their first new music since 2017’s Legacy album. Jack Daniels' Heart. in 2020. Still, The Cadillac Three refuse to be categorized. Arriving Friday, Tabasco & Sweet Tea furthers the inspired jams the … in 2020. “Money Ain’t Shit” Blue El Camino. The stars should align for you to have some beers after your exam. Nor would the band’s fans, who make pilgrimages to see The Cadillac Three and will often catch an entire weekend’s worth of gigs. “Heat” is equally hard-hitting. Your email address will not be published. Averaging 140 shows a year, The Cadillac Three are perpetually burning up the highway, Traveling 40 out of 52 weeks. The Cadillac Three have released a new version of ‘The Jam’, originally a feature of last year’s Country Fuzz album.

That new funky direction is readily apparent in the devil disco of “The Jam” and on the swerving “Blue El Camino,” two tracks on COUNTRY FUZZ that point to the future of The Cadillac Three. Tabasco & Sweet Tea out Friday. ‘The Jam (+ Fuzz)’ follows April’s launch of the band’s version of Post Malone’s hit song ‘Circles’. It’s all one big community that’s summed up by Country Fuzz. “Sweet Southern Spirit” Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Cadillac Three return with their first new music since 2017’s Legacy album.Much like the hard-rock band itself, “Crackin’ Cold Ones With the Boys” is a loose, party-ready jam that celebrates the camaraderie of the road — and drinking beers at the end of sweaty gig. COUNTRY FUZZ is anything from a stripped-down country ballad to a sludgy, riff-heavy rock song. The Cadillac Three - Tabasco & Sweet Tea. So is “Hard Out Here for a Country Boy,” a tongue-in-cheek list of all the things that good ol’ boys deal with on a daily basis while trying to live “that slow life in a real fast world.” Chris Janson sings a verse and adds harmonica, while the band’s recent tourmate Travis Tritt lends his unmistakable voice to the commanding choruses. The band will play songs from Tabasco & Sweet Tea during an October 27th livestream at 7 p.m. Nashville time. The trio is even launching a clothing line under the Country Fuzz name. Listen to the Best of The Cadillac Three on Apple Music and Spotify. The Cadillac Three have released a new version of ‘The Jam’, originally a feature of last year’s Country Fuzz album. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. This record and this band are all of that. “We were all super hungover because we were at the 30A Songwriter Festival. This record and this band are all of that. We want to hear from you! “I wrote it with BK [Brian Kelley] from [Nashville duo] Florida Georgia Line, Corey Crowder and James McNair,” singer Jaren Johnston told Music Row earlier this year. AND it’s badass. 5. The Cadillac Three lean into their funky, jammy side for a surprise new album. 8. “This album has a little bit of everything, and you can see where we started and where we’re going,” Jaren says. “Tabasco & Sweet Tea” “When we started playing “The Jam” at soundcheck, I used the lap steel to build a … Surprise release finds the Nashville band bringing in the funk, The Cadillac Three explore their funky, jam-band side on the new album 'Tabasco & Sweet Tea.'. The result is a dirty, greasy and hard-hitting sound that can only belong to The Cadillac Three — one they've christened COUNTRY FUZZ. Co-written by Craig Wiseman, James McNair and Chris Tompkins, the tune is a straight-ahead blast of country-rock nostalgia and proved irresistible to The Cadillac Three.
11. “Bridges” Preorder at link in bio. Roughed up around the edges, the revitalised song has been retitled ‘The Jam (+ Fuzz).’ You can check it out below. When I think of country, I think Garth Brooks. Let’s turn the “might” into a “can’t wait to” . Originally a highlight of the band’s Country Fuzz album, the song has been significantly amped up for fans’ listening pleasure. On the Nashville trio’s long-awaited fourth album, they push their country, hard rock and southern rock bona fides to the limit while also introducing elements of funk and soul. Still southern, still swingin’, only this time Jaren, Kelby and Neil got funky – like, really funky. “I wrote that riff and was like, ‘How the hell didn’t we write ‘Slow Rollin’ yet?’ It’s such an obvious TC3 song.”. To reward that devotion, the group was adamant about giving their fans as many songs as they could on COUNTRY FUZZ.

“The Cadillac Three are at a place now where we’re not scared to take chances and see what we can actually become,” says Jaren.