Cody hung on the longest and won. Season 16, Episode 31 TV-PG HD Big Brother follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with cameras and microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Plus Cody, Derrick and Victoria celebrate the summer. CC Zach won and took himself off the block. SD. The sixteenth season of Big Brother marks the show's first HD season and the house will feature a whimsical urban tree house-themed dwelling with bedroom decor that includes classical elements earth, wind, fire and water. CC A new Head of Household is crowned, and two nominees are put on the block. They were asked questions based on how the jury members completed various statements. After Amber's eviction, the HouseGuests competed in the Getting Loopy competition. Frankie thought it would be best to nominate the people who fell off first during the HoH competitions. A plan was discussed to backdoor Frankie, but Derrick convinced Cody that it would be a poor game move to do so, so Cody chose to take Derrick's advice and decided not to use the POV. But after Frankie told Derrick about this, he talked to Cody that it was a very bad game move and Derrick told Cody that his best option is to put up Donny as a pawn. SD. HD Season 16, Episode 33 TV-PG In addition to the £116,100, Chloe won an additional £5,000 during Cash Bomb week taking home a total £121,100. In winning the competition, they chose to be on slop for the next two weeks, wear Adam and Eve costumes while being chained together for 48 hours and shave their hair (only Caleb had to shave). SD. HD The last 8 are Derrick, Caleb, Hayden, Zach, Christine, Victoria, Brittany, and Jocasta. Zach and Donny started out well, but in the end, Frankie single-handedly won the BOB, with no help from Caleb, dethroning Nicole and making Christine the official HoH for the week all in one fell swoop, leaving Zach and Donny on the block, with Zach the new official target of the week. The 2nd Battle of the Block is also played. CC A houseguest is evicted after Cody makes a nomination that leaves him torn between his own best interests and those his alliance. After the festivities, Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria for eviction. Season 16, Episode 30 TV-PG With the house in turmoil, the veto is more important than ever. The last two HouseGuests standing would both become the HOH. A group of 18 people selected from a national search share a House sealed from the outside world for up to 100 days. BIG BROTHER follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones recording their every move, 24 hours a day. Caleb nominated Nicole in his place. Jocasta, feeling ill from the Battle of the Block competition, sat out of the POV. Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save one of the nominees? SD. After 7 questions that ended in a 4-4 tie, Cody and Derrick answered a tiebreaker question to decide who would win part three, and therefore the final, HOH. Julie informed the HouseGuests of how the dual-HoH twist would work: Frankie and Caleb would make separate nominations, meaning a total of four nominees on the block. Frankie and Caleb must decide which four houseguests to nominate for eviction. After six rounds of competition, Cody was declared the first sole HoH of the season. The veto competition, OTEV the Pissed-Off Penguin featured a waterfall and a giant penguin. Each of the six played individually in BB Comics, a test where they "zip lined" past a comic studio wall to look at 16 new superhero comics based on the HouseGuests. Season 16, Episode 18 TV-PG Julie Chen hosts. After Frankie fought against Zach, he decided to tell his secret about his famous sister, Ariana Grande in order to buy himself more time to mend the bridges that he broke.

HD HD A new HOH is crowned. Just before the Veto meeting ended, Zach expressed his opinions on Amber; mostly on Caleb's crush on Amber such as him giving his blankets to Amber when she didn't get any from anyone else and him eating a pickle (the food that Caleb hates in the world) just to go on a date with her. All of the HouseGuests except Derrick (who was the outgoing HOH at the time) competed in the Seed Saw competition for a second time.