h�b``Pf``�a ��P3�0p. Internship focus: Podcasts are a dynamic medium through which museums and research centers can connect with audiences near and far. Founded in 1954, the Archives of American Art fosters advanced research through the accumulation and dissemination of primary sources, unequaled in historical depth and breadth, that document more than two hundred years of our nation’s artists and art communities. 2 November 2020 Panel. western way, I think it is important to develop Asia’s own art system, which requires the efforts of 0000003827 00000 n 0000026285 00000 n Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library’s Research Fellowship Program supports inclusive interdisciplinary humanities research related to America’s material past in a global context. 0000014675 00000 n 4 38 For their projects, students will create a condition report for a loan or conduct a small-scale treatment (e.g., “flower pot” project).

Eligible institutions include 2-year colleges, 4-year colleges/universities, professional, technical, vocational, and trade schools, advanced degree programs, or other educational institutions offering qualifying degrees or certificates. Get access to over 7,000 cover letters from candidates getting jobs at your target companies. About Asia Art Archive. 0000003616 00000 n for Asia Art Archive is always in my to-do list. Winterthur also hosts two graduate programs in partnership with the University of Delaware. Working An international leader in the digitizing of archival collections, the Archives makes more than 2.9 million digital images freely available online.
Internship focus: Effective communication to public audiences is an essential skill in art history, cultural heritage and so many other disciplines. Asia Art Archive in America PROGRAMS; COLLECTION; BEYOND AAA in A; HOME; ABOUT US; CONTACT US; SUPPORT US ; AAA; SEARCH: Programs. expect from the job.

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References should be able to speak to the applicant’s academic abilities and interests. Creating/revising five entries related to the CCA’s North African and Middle Eastern photography collections and their digitization. Interns will receive a stipend of US $1,300. The Association of Research Institutes in Art History (ARIAH) is offering paid professional development internships for up to 20 students and recent graduates interested in careers at art museums and art history research centers. 0000001361 00000 n

Applications must be submitted online and include a résumé (maximum 2 pages) detailing educational background and work/volunteer experience (if any), and contact information for one reference who will be contacted for shortlisted candidates. Asia Art Archive in America . 0000006916 00000 n The reason I am applying for the archive assistant is because I have passion in art history, 29 …