Patrick doesn't do a one piece grip, but because of where the bark on Virgil's gun is, these do a pretty good job of hiding the screw. Just wait until I start my next thread. The SK 1878 shotgun was built using reproduction Colt 1878 shotguns.

For those of you that are familiar with the movie Appaloosa, you know there are a couple of quite unique guns in the movie. By Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. I got my Everett Hitch hat yesterday. No real heros for the engraved guns besides Frank Hammer, Charlie Siringo or a slew of them psky Texas Rangers. The hero shotguns fired 12 gauge blanks and one 8 gauge non firing shotgun used to film the loading sequence. My good friend Fingers McGee could stand in for Mr. Hitch, except he uses a 12 instead of a 10 masquerading as an 8! GOA Zen Shootists, Fort Des Moines Rangers. I had one already with a 5.5" barrel. Find a coat or have a tailor make you tailor make you a coat. Not only that, but it's near on impossible to procure one.

I didn’t want to take a chance of getting guns tangled up in it while shooting. Can a 8 Guage still be had this day and time? I am searching for a green wool frock coat to match the one Hitch wears. And while there are two buddies in this film, I have been working on putting together a set of guns that is a combination of both gentlemen.

I have only personaly saw and handled one 8 Guage my entire life.

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The shotguns were built by Steve Karnes for Gibbons Ltd.

All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find.

How about something Like Capt. Email me your pictures and we'll send them to her friend. Patrick Grashorn fitted them for me when I was having elk grips made for another gun. But it does mean they exist and I will find one. (Unlike, say, the way gigantically overpowered and oversized firearms are handled in video games ... and in many movies).

Beautiful collection, from one of my favorite westerns. Thanks for the bump. I actually started this project even before the John Wayne project.

Need to find the coat next. Hamer's "old Lucky"? At least the Parker ones. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The hero shotguns fired 12 gauge blanks and one 8 gauge non firing shotgun used to film the loading sequence. And I believe you can find those online through some of the great leatherworkers we have available to us. Back to Appaloosa (though now I may need to start a Texas Rangers thread next).

But the 1873 Colt was a little longer lived for Ranger Service. Guys like Frank Hamer, Bill Tilghman, Chris Madsen, Bass Reeves, Heck Thomas, etc.

Hummmmmm have to think on that. Joined: Sep 10, 2004 Messages: 788. If anyone has seen Appaloosa what make was the 8 Guage shotgun used in the movie? Off the trail, still west of the river from old Delano. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

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I did find one at the California state shoot that looked pretty close. I have a John Wayne thread up as well that's got a pietta I am calling my shootist gun. A call to VTI and I had a 7.5" barrel mailed to me the next day. I am having a hard time finishing the ones written after he died. I like it a lot. After that I always wanted one but have yet to find one more so after seeing the movie.

Virgil Cole. I really like the white  two peace grips you have on the Open Top Colt .

I think it’s a dead ringer. And to round things out with the rifle is a 66 carbine. Or maybe the same one. Once I manage to acquire more brass (at $8 each I only have 25) I will probably shoot my 10 gauge exclusively.

Can't remember.

The first thing that comes to mind in the movie is the use of an 8 gauge shotgun. I had started a thread about 10 gauge shotguns some six months or so ago and from that I was able to get some very helpful information that led to me acquiring this beautiful 10 gauge greener from the 1880's (yes it is the same gun as I use for my John Wayne project): Shotgun taken care of, my next focus is on the other very recognizable gun in the move: Virgil Cole's Colt: In the books, Virgil is carrying a big colt with bone grips. Following up with my very successful (patting myself on the back) John Wayne gun thread, I figured I would start another thread on a similar project I have going on.

huntingworld2010, Oct 19, 2010 #55. Outstanding.

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The picture above looks to me like elk, so I went with my old standby for elk grips in Patrick Grashorn.

As far as firearms are concerned, I believe I am good to go. Can a 8 Guage still be had this day and time?

Sometimes in the middle of a cloud of cigar smoke. I looked over all the clothing vendors at the California State match a couple weekends ago, but did not find anything.

The SK 1878 can be seen in the following films and video games used by the following actors: From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games, Copyright 2019 Appaloosa (2008) Viggo Mortensen as Everett Hitch Colt 1878 Shotgun - 12 gauge This 1878 Shotgun is the main long arm used by Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) in this 2008 Western.

That's a fact." Following up with my very successful (patting myself on the back) John Wayne gun thread, I figured I would start another thread on a similar project I have going on.


I'll order one up so that I have it for when I find the right coat to put it on.

Much like we need, good steaks, water and great guns, I need a 10 gauge double!

Was thinking on that myself. “But it’s only a single shot, what if I miss?”  “We don’t want men who miss!”. From what I have read, Tru-Ivory is no longer being made, so you'd have to get them from someone that has them and hasn't fitted them yet, or happen to fit your particular gun. No question there. So what I need help on is trying to replicate the jacket Hitch wears.

I have another buddy that is making hats to match as well that I will post when I get them. Yes you do. We have the same rifle. Southern Missouri Rangers, Central Ozarks Western Shooters, The Ozarks Posse, Powder Creek Cowboys, Outlaw Camp, River City Regulators, Gold Country Wild Bunch, Sunnyville Regulators, Coyote Valley Cowboys, Utah War, Hobble Creek Wranglers, Wasatch Desperados, Utah Territory Gunslingers.

Next is gear. I took this cavalry colt that I had and replaced the grips with what I feel are a great rendition from Patrick. Bump to the top for more pics of any more progress in your quest... "Colt makes a heavy firearm. There were three shotguns built for Appaloosa. Slo Mo has a friend that maybe able to help with the jacket. Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by damien, Sep 26, 2008. For my Virgil colt, I sent the hammer off to get case colored, so it was apart when I got this holster in I thought would make a good proximation of Virgil’s. I like your RM and love the badge. It's not that the actor is going to shoot live ammo during the movie, it's that a (good) actor is going to be concerned that his character is realistic and the way he handles props (e.g., a monstrous shotgun) will look realistic. A big part of my movie gun projects is to be able to use the guns in CAS, but 8 gauge is not sass legal. The shotguns were built by Steve Karnes for Gibbons Ltd. It was wool, but light grey instead of green and was the wrong size for me anyway. Not Sun?

Any suggestions?

This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. If anyone has seen Appaloosa what make was the 8 Guage shotgun used in the movie? Looks good Redwood! Haha. Inside cover of Siringo's book is likely one of the things that got me started on engraved guns.

Salsa (Blue ribbons 99,04 Iowa State Fair), gardening and canning. I have had one of those for awhile so that was the easy addition, As for clothing and gear, a friend of mine is building a belt for my brass 10 gauge shells to match Hitch's. And a proper '73 carbine. Those are some old tru-ivory grips I had lying around. Hopefully without breaking the bank.

The only thing missing is the stampede string, which I opted not to have put in.

If you’re doing the Texas Rangers you can start with the revolvers from Dan’s post and then move on to the main event; a .50-70 Sharps carbine conversion. Kid, if ya gonna go do that get yourself a proper Texas Ranger pistol will ya? In the movie, Hitch uses an open top revolver.