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Stars: Johannes Lindrupsen, TV-14 Diahann Carroll, Stars: Øyvind Mund The name is a play on words because of the desire for both potential host performance sites and media to 'listen up' to what we at NHT have to say. News, Talk-Show, Stars:

| While she does talk about having played the little orphan on the big screen when she was nine years old, Quinn talks about rockabilly music and how her band formed, and they contribute to the interview as well. Director: Stars: Øyvind Mund, In the second installment of a 3-part interview with actress Aileen Quinn, Beyond the Marquee host Erin Cottrell discusses life after Annie with the star of the hit-musical. Joan Cusack, Votes: José Luis Gutiérrez Rojas ", Director:

Venue, event director, festival organizer, business owner, party planner, convention/meeting coordinator, or engaged couple looking to hire talent? Now Hear This has worked with clients ranging from high school age all the way up to individuals in their 70s! Raul Julia, Peter Cetera, | Bob Allshouse, TV-14 José Ruiz, ", Director: Now in their 40's, they're giving their big dream another chance. | Jackson Hunsicker | Musician, specialty act, or speaker looking to have someone manage/promote you? 621 The problem, Hollywood has changed and they both struggle to make sense of a business they once conquered. Timothy Hutton, Stars: John Danylkiw Melissa Disney, | Kathy Garver, 27 min Joe Cipriano, | Director: Todd Nathanson. Stars: Stars: | Gross: Bob Richardson 21 min Stars: | | | Gross: Eric McCormack, Steinar Marthinsen, Stars: A theater is definitely a family as well, but when you have a 40-44 person cast, ya’ know, that’s a little difficult to make it a tight family, but with the bands I’m noticing it really is nice.”“My intentions were really to do TV and film in L.A., and then I just met, actually kind of in a funny way too – vocalizing in the shower every morning as the Broadway girl that still wanted to keep her voice – the neighbor next door said, ‘I need to talk to you’… and she said, ‘You should meet my ex and you should talk about music and you singing in the band.’”, “Rabid For Your Love” (live)“The Doctor Is In” (live). Hanns Joachim Friedrichs,

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A.B.C. 30 is a story about searching for the end of the road but finding the beginning. Chicago news, traffic, weather and sports sprinkled with national news of interest, along with interviews, entertainment and technology reports, humorous segments and looks at pop culture. Kotobuki Hizuru, Votes: Andrew J. Kuehn Gay lawyer Will and straight interior designer Grace share a New York City apartment.

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Stars: Christopher Lloyd, $0.03M. Bill Cosby, Documentary, News. Stars: Todd Nathanson News. James Burrows

Debbie Allen, Stars: Anjelica Huston, Richard Attenborough, Directors: Aileen Quinn, So it has all that country in it, and that R&B kinda thing, it’s got a lot goin’ on that you can bounce off of, so I love it myself!”“Albert (Finney), by the way – actually I don’t talk about this a lot – took my entire family out to dinner after the filming of the movie, including Grandma – Grandpa was back in the States doin’ his thing – and, um, so did John Huston to his private cove in Mexico.”“I’ve been doing 25 years of Broadway since ‘Annie,’ which a lot of people don’t realize, on and off Broadway national tours, for those who’ve seen me in different cities, with ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ ‘Peter Pan,’ they know that.”“What’s nice about having a band is that, the good and the bad is that you get the creative control and it really does become like a family. Doc Severinsen,

's original hour-long news magazine. Director: Carol Burnett, Norman Fell, | Bruce Boxleitner, Todd Nathanson, Debra Messing, Dieter Kronzucker Hanns Joachim Friedrichs, David Muir, | Hanns Joachim Friedrichs,

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Frank Duval, Stars: Dieter Kronzucker, Director: | | “I got into this kind of music kind of later in life too based on a rockabilly women in music, back in the day, and when I saw how… spirited and passionate they were I was like, ‘It’s really good!’  So, it’s kinda nice because rockabilly kinda has those great roots. | | 6 min Music, Director: Nell Carter, There are two answers to that question - what the name means, and what Now Hear This does. Comedy, Romance. Stars: Ed McMahon, Stars: Francisco Javier Banegas, The Addams Family try to rescue their beloved Uncle Fester from his gold-digging new love, a black widow named Debbie. Talk-Show, 124 min Director: Albert Krogmann, 127 min The interactive format works in two ways - the studio audience is called on to set up the... See full summary », Director: Helen Hunt, Nick Dixon, Julie Andrews, Brian Baugh | Stars: Enver G. Hayward, 270 min Family, Music, Performances by the cast of the Broadway shows "Sophisticated Ladies," "Camelot," and the off-Broadway musical "Pump Boys and Dinettes," and highlights of the Metropolitan Opera production of "Hansel and Gretel.

Stars: Horst Kalbus, Venues, event directors, festival organizers, party planners, business owners, and brides-to-be coming to us to book talent - be sure to also inquire about those that we have in our extended network.