The following night in Philadelphia at Respect Is Earned II, they defeated Aries and Danielson to retain the titles when Black pinned Danielson with the phoenix splash. The day after their debut, their website, which now redirected to revealed that all the blog entries had been written by Black. In the main event, Jacobs defeated Necro Butcher in a no disqualification match after Aries ran in to help Butcher, who was being double teamed by Black and Jacobs. Black and Jacobs would also attack the Briscoe Brothers after their match, Jacobs again cutting a promo making promises. On the June 15, 2009 edition of Monday Night Demolition, Devin Copeland added more gold to the Age of the Fall by capturing the then-vacant WWH Underground Championship by defeating Chris Cane in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Prior to the match, Jacobs referenced to a 'homeless man' who was shown on camera, saying he had bought him a ticket so he could enjoy the show. After the video was posted, Lacey was not seen in ROH, SHIMMER or anywhere in wrestling. Black and Jacobs were unsuccessful at winning the FIP Tag Team Championship in tag-team and 2 out of 3 falls tag team matches due to outside interference from YRR members.

Briscoe eventually pinned Black following a springboard Doomsday Device. On September 5, 2009, it was announced that Demolition would be merged with the Inner Circle and Showdown brands, due to a high number of released talent within the company, mostly caused by Wellness Policy violations involving marijuana. Promotions Tyler Black attempted to give assistance but Jacobs sent him back to the locker room. Krow and Flener took to the task of bloodying The Punisher, as Renee incapacitated Lawliet, before Krow and Flener successfully hung The Punisher upside-down above the ring from a bungee chord. The gimmick of the stable as a whole was that of a group of radical revolutionaries, using whatever promotion for which they compete as a platform or soapbox for their message, and usually spreading their message at the physical expense of others that they believed simply "meshed into the system". Near the end of the bout Jimmy Jacobs had handed Delirious his spike but Daizee Haze came out and convinced him to hand it over to her leading to his loss. Aries also turned down the invitation into the group. Also, a "blood edit" of their debut is featured on the DVD of the event, Man Up. A contributing factor to this appearance was that the show was in Florida where Rain lives. Disbanded However, right around the time of the Pay-Per-View, Krow had been sending messages to an anonymous party, saying that said person "needs" the Age of the Fall, and that Krow is "only a phone call away", though it should be noted that any new Age of the Fall member would not be directly added as a replacement for Ashley Renee. The next night at "Death Before Dishonor VI" in New York City, Austin Aries defeated Jacobs and Butcher in a Three Way Dance when he pinned Jacobs with a brainbuster / 450° splash combination.