It follows her as she becomes obsessed with saving the soul of a dying patient. Tagline: Abandoned as a child. It won’t end well. This ambitious, unsettling masterpiece about one young woman’s struggle to process trauma while she is simultaneously expected to perform the emotional labor of holding together a substandard relationship became a visual flipside to Hereditary’s darkness, creating a bright, horrifying world full of flowers, lush green pastures, and organic pagan rituals that all combine delicately to present us with a piping hot mug of “good for her” energy. Either way things can’t carry on…, A light comedy with a strong supporting cast (Molly Shannon, John C Reilly, Anna Kendrick, Paul Reiser) Life After Beth made its debut at Sundance in 2014. But as anyone who’s viewed the movie can attest, its answer is nigh unknowable. The New York-based production company has released some of your favourite indie movies without you even knowing it. Predictably, the wheels quickly come off as the assembled dancers rape, beat, torture, and kill each other throughout the horrifying, increasingly frenzied night. She has also admitted that she considers her final scene, where her character is levitating, one of the most incredible experiences of her life. The mother in the film is played by Brie Larson. They’re frequently slow-boiling, and almost always greeted with reviews celebrating high-quality. It was shot in fifteen days. In fact, most of the family members in the film are actual family members. Sir Patrick Stewart, who appears in the film, originally read the script in his home in England. Such is the plot of The Hole in the Ground, A24’s solid but vaguely underwhelming chiller. Shortly after, they entered into deals with DirecTV Cinema and Amazon Prime.

Summary: This is zomedy movie, otherwise known as a zombie comedy or zomcom. But let’s be clear. The less you know about this movie going into it, the better, but it has a lot of tension and curve balls that will keep you on the edge of your seat. When their latest release comes out, I don’t even need to check reviews because I believe in them and the work they’re doing. Unspooling like a waking nightmare, Perkins’ dreamlike atmosphere is only for the patient, but the climax is so shocking and brazenly subversive that it demands to be reexamined as the full extent of its desolation becomes clear. Accordingly, Midsommar evolved into what could be considered a “difficult second album,” one which managed to exorcise some of his personal demons for both the entertainment and discomfort of an intrigued audience. But the picture’s haunting ghost story setup and heightened use of both claustrophobic interiors and barren exteriors beg to differ, as do the film’s final Lovecraftian overtures toward madness. It is arguable that no studio, distributor, or production company has had a greater impact on the horror genre in the last decade than A24. However, she loved the Hereditary script so much that she couldn’t turn it down.

The subsequent makeup effects are grotesque, but the movie stumbles over their reveals like a standup comedian who’s forgotten the punchlines. In addition to its loaded script, it has a fast pace and eerie sequences. It is easy to see how the first two intersect, with Kat and Rose being the only two girls at their Catholic boarding school whose parents haven’t come to pick them up for winter break. Although the concept of the story is a bit unconventional, the score is haunting and the visuals are stunning.

In addition to having excellent rhythm and pacing, the performances are impressive and the sound design is superb. It leaves you rattled without a single jump scare or visual effect. Farrell and Kidman are equally unnerving as their purposely stilted work in the early part of the film gives way to show the cracks in their seemingly perfect family façade. Lee Cronin’s debut may hit all the right parental panic beats, summon up a couple of worthy performances, and stick the mysterious, open-ended landing, but it still suffers compared to other A24 efforts because genre fans have seen it all before. Writer-director Robert Eggers emphasizes this early on, allowing the audience to glimpse her scraggly and unholy shape as the crone sacrifices a newborn to Satan. Suffice to say the film is a slow-burning march toward perdition told in triptych. In that sense, the title of the movie (and, to a degree, the way it was marketed) is somewhat misleading.

Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges founded the company on August 20, 2012. She has called this the most challenging role she has ever done. Director/Writer: Peter Strickland. Alas the third act turns into pure pulp when the creature comes out of the shadows, and the cast and body count are needlessly increased. It’s a convincing look at humanity through the eyes of an extraterrestrial, in all its oddness–from the kindness of girls in nightclubs, the utterly futile act of a man trying to save his drowning wife, and in doing so ending both their lives, to the idiosyncrasies of beans on toast and Tommy Cooper. Although this was Rose Glass’ directorial debut, she won the Schaffhausen Filmmaker Bursary Award for Saint Maud. However, it can also refer to the anxiety and fear that can overpower you at night. These two invisible threats eat away at what’s left of our civilized selves. Summary: This film is about a woman who returns for Thanksgiving dinner after ten years away from her family.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Ex Machina was the lowest-grossing Oscar winner since What Dreams May Come (1998). If the ending is bleak, and there are moments of true horror, there’s levity here too, as well as something quite profound to be said about human nature. Intensely committed to immersing audiences in the daily lives and nocturnal dreads of 17th century Puritans, The Witch is steeped in a deep-seated anxiety for supernatural entities that could poison your crops, or live in every bump heard in the black of night. They were polled about the script idea on Twitter and were asked to respond #WalrusYes if they wanted the film to be made and #WalrusNo if they weren’t interested in the idea. Centered on a mother and daughter trapped at night on a country road with an obscured beastie in the woods trying to get into their broken down car, The Monster could’ve been produced as B-schlock in the ‘80s. The acting performances are also highly impressive.

The exact nature, origin, and spread of the grisly infectious disease that shreds society to pieces in It Comes at Night is never deeply examined; the movie is not interested in exploring the end of the world on some epic scale. This is a comedy/horror film will make you laugh and make you gasp. It’s a shame because conceptually there is a lot of appeal in Slice’s setup. Farrell actually visited the hospital during an operation on a man undergoing quadruple bypass surgery. Summary: This film is about a single mother living with her son in the Irish countryside. Although A24 has made multiple comedies and dramas in the past, like Uncut Gems (2019) and The Spectacular Now (2013), they have developed a steady fanbase for their horror films. Yet Dafoe and Pattinson never descend into caricature; they instead feast on their Sisyphean characters.

Jonathan Glazer’s loose adaptation of Michel Faber’s novel is a strange beast to be sure. We've ranked this entertainment company's 13 best horror movies for your viewing pleasure. Bryan Bertino’s The Monster is a strange one to include on this list, if only because at its heart this is an archetypal creature feature with little more to say than “boo.” Compared to other horror movies released by A24 this can seem slight, but when The Monster works, its boo is occasionally bloodcurdling. Kevin Smith created it after encouragement from his fans.

This not only signals the movie is playing for keeps, it also removes any sort of psychological ambiguity about what’s going on. Each time, the owner is met with devastating consequences. Summary: After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band has to fight for their survival. They give filmmakers much more leniency during production than non-independent companies. – DK. In reality, the cast and crew filmed in Cape Forchu during extreme weather conditions.

The baby, Scarlett Lindsey, actually took her first steps while filming. Many viewers agree that this is her most haunting performance. There was freezing rain, intense winds, rain, and snow. – RF. Each time, the owner is met with devastating consequences. Her Parks and Recreation (2009–2020) co-star, Nick Offerman, can be heard early on in the film narrating a documentary. One of those was Enemy, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal in a double role as two men who are exactly the same physically but quite different in temperament and personality. With a meticulous eye for historical detail, Eggers creates the best cinematic approximation of Calvinists ever put to screen, and in so doing, allows viewers to both live with superstitions of the Dark One taking the shape of animals, and to judge those obsessed with him. Summary: This film is about two lighthouse keepers who are struggling to maintain their sanity while living in a remote location. Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos–already a purveyor of the weird, surreal and darkly satiric before this or The Favourite, as seen with 2016’s The Lobster–went into full horror mode for this relentlessly unsettling tale of supernatural revenge in which a surgeon (Colin Farrell), his wife (Nicole Kidman), and their kids are made to pay for the death of a man who Farrell lost during surgery. One half of that couple was originally meant to be played by Brad Pitt. However, all of the heart surgery scenes in this film are legitimate.